Wolves Updates 10/8 Part 3

There was a respectful distance Monday between Kevin Garnett and the team for which he used to play, a moat of sorts in this land of castles and towers and palaces.
It was an attractive, cordial moat, replete with smiles, handshakes and man-hugs as the Boston Celtics walked into the magnificent O2 Arena in North Greenwich a few minutes before the Minnesota Timberwolves left. Andre Deloya, the Wolves’ beloved physical therapist, visited for a couple of minutes as Garnett pulled on his sneakers. Trainer Greg Farnum, too. Coach Randy Wittman. Rashad McCants. Even Kevin McHale, the man who traded Garnett and ultimately let him down, stopped by.
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Three of the Wolves’ four injured players who did not play against Efes
Pilsen did participate in practice. Craig Smith, Rashad McCants and
Marko Jaric all participated throughout the almost three-hour session.
All three looked good and showed no signs of slowing down due to
injury…once again at least in the eyes of this bystander. However,
Ricky Davis sat out the last quarter of practice due to a sprained
right ankle.

Assistant GM Rob Babcock on last Saturday’s preseason game.  
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