Wolves Updates 10/9 Part 2

Wolves newcomer Greg Buckner has worn No. 21 previously. But when the
Wolves asked him if he’d like to wear No. 21 for them, he quickly
turned the offer down and opted for No. 7. Celtics newcomer forward
Kevin Garnett, a 10-time NBA All-Star, wore No. 21 in Minnesota.
Buckner thought it would be insulting to wear Garnett’s old number in
The Celtics are one of five teams veteran Timberwolves forward Juwan
Howard has told management he is comfortable being dealt to. While
Howard hasn’t demanded a trade, he has told the Wolves he would prefer
to play for a potential winner. But unless the 13-year veteran is
waived, which is doubtful, he probably won’t end up a Celtic because a
trade is unlikely because of his $6.8 million salary.
The Hype Guy has a caption contest for a photo of Marko Jaric and Greg Buckner.   
Russ Bengtson/SLAM Online posts a January 2004 interview with KG. 
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