Wolves Updates 10/9 Part 3

During a media conference call , Coach Wittman is asked if everyone will be playing in tomorrow’s game against the Celtics:
I don’t know. We had a couple of nicked up people today in practice. Al
Jefferson nicked his ankle a little bit, nothing serious. We’ll just
have to see in the morning where he’s at. Gerald Green and Sebastian
Telfair both have tweaked ankles. Sebastian yesterday tweaked his ankle
a little bit. He practiced the majority of practice today and sat out
towards the end. We’ll have to see where we are in the morning in terms
of soreness with some guys to see exactly whose all going to be
Wittman also says Marko Jaric will "be available" tomorrow. On Craig Smith, Wittman said there’s a chance he could play and that Rashad McCants will be evaluated in the morning.
By the way, Witt also mentioned that a few players tweaked their ankles
today in practice–Jefferson and Green and Telfair–and might be
doubtful for the Celtic tilt tomorrow. A conspiracy theorist might
opine that the Wolves don’t want the current talent differential of
their big trade to be quite so obvious out on the hardwood, although
you could also argue that they have nothing to lose except maybe a
little face.
In the latest installment of the Rhino Diaries, Craig Smith talks about the team’s community events, his teammates making fun of him, and talking to his girlfriend:
So I got a call from my girlfriend Joana, whom I adore. We talked for a long time that night just explaining to her about my day, and I’m realizing we aint even talk about her day and it’s already been 40 minutes! In my head, while we’re continuing to talk, I’m like, my bill is gonna be a million dollars. Damn! But I love her so much, it doesn’t matter. I know what you’re saying, how can the Rhino be this soft? Well, when you love someone, even a rhino, you gotta have a soft side. Especially if you got a lady…
But when asked if the exhibition game would give him an excuse to go easy on Minnesota, he replied: "No way in hell.
"It’s kill or be killed. I don’t anticipate them taking it lightly. It’s going to be a competitive game."
Assistant GM Rob Babcock and PR Director Mike Cristaldi with updates on the trip.     
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