Wolves Updates 11/24

First, the update on starter Theo Ratliff, who missed his second consecutive game because of a sore knee. Ratliff just got back to the Twin Cities from Birmingham, Ala., where he had the knee examined by specialist Dr. James Andrews, who confirmed what the Wolves doctors had determined: There is no need for surgery right now, as there is no obvious reason for the pain Ratliff is feeling.
"I think they’re just going to try to rehab it here for the next week,"
Wittman said. "I don’t think they see anything to operate on. So unless
it becomes exploratory, I think they’ll rehab it, see if they can get
[the pain] to quit through that."
Ratliff will have the knee re-examined in a week.  
Myles Brown/SLAM Online on Wednesday’s loss to Cleveland.
Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press on Corey Brewer’s late arrival to Wednesday’s shootaround: 

Brewer said he usually arives at Target Center an hour before
shootaround begins. This was the first time he missed a shootaround.
Now he’s a little paranoid about waking up late. Now he’s making sure
he wakes up on time… alarm clocks, you name it. "I set like three of
my phones," he said. "I set everything now."

Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune and Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press preview tonight’s game against Atlanta.
Lola, a Holstein cow of rural Waverly, was recently the
envy of her herd for being chosen as lead cow in a Timberwolves TV
Even though Lola’s lead role may only be one or two
seconds long in the 30 second commercial, and she’s the only cow in the
commercial, she made a fine representative for Holsteins everywhere.
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