Wolves Updates 12/26

Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune on tonight’s game at Golden State:

Reserves Gerald Green and Michael Doleac missed Wolves practice Monday
because of the flu but traveled with the team and are considered
game-time decisions.
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The Wolves had garnered the
West’s top seed, marched into the conference finals against the Lakers,
and came within two games of reaching the NBA Finals.
"It seems like a distant
memory," Madsen said. "I’m kind of a dinosaur on this team – I’m
probably going to turn into a fossil out here."
The Wolves’ record and their obvious focus on the future has left more
than one Timberwolves fan wondering why the Wolves haven’t given Green
more time to show whether he’s a part of their future. The reasons are
varied: Wittman wants him to be more discreet with his shot selection
and to improve both his defense and his body language when things are
not going well.
"Gerald has to worry about Gerald and not about anybody else," Wittman said.
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