Wolves Updates 12/31

Foye gets the next report on his knee January 7. If more delays are
announced, it is time to stop this cat and mouse and engage in a
full-blown press conference that lays out all options in a realistic
manner. Because it is beginning to look like Foye will never suit up
this season and that the team is being very disingenuous about that
Whether fatigued by losing or affected by the second of back-to-back
games at Portland and Seattle, the Wolves, in Wittman’s estimation,
played without purpose or life after a fine opening quarter, in which
they scored the final nine points.
"I don’t know," Wittman said, when asked what options he has to shake
things up. "I’m thinking. I don’t have an answer. We’ve got to do
something. We can’t just accept a defeat like that. Do I have to do
something to grab back their attention?"
Previews of tonight’s game at the Clippers:
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Postgame quotes from Saturday’s loss to Seattle.
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