Wolves Updates 8/30

The Timberwolves site on Al Jefferson and Randy Wittman hosting kids from the Minneapolis Waite House:
58 kids and two Waite House staff members in attendance at Wednesday’s
lunch-in at NBA City and shopping spree in the Target Center’s media
room were on a school bus when the I35W bridge collapsed…

Jefferson on why he decided to help out:
a young guy, I was real shocked when (the trade) happened," Jefferson
said Wednesday. "So I got through that. I got here and I realized this
was the best situation for me.

(the bridge collapse) happened and it was just like, ‘Wow.’ So it was a
strange time for me. Then we had to come back and redo the press
conference a week later. It was just bad for me. A lot of things were
happening in a short period of time. So I knew I had to do something

has video of the event. Other players donated money to benefit the kids
and there are also plans to them shopping for winter clothes.

Ted Silary/Philadelphia Daily News on Eddie Griffin’s funeral.

From Matt Steinmetz/Examiner.com:
will be a long season in Minneapolis. It is unrealistic to expect
Minnesota will lose Kevin Garnett and get better. Ricky Davis, Al
Jefferson and Mark Blount? That’s not good enough.

The Nuggets waived former Timberwolves player Anthony Carter.

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