Wolves Updates 9/1

After waiving him on Wednesday, the Nuggets signed Anthony Carter on Friday.


From Gary Klien/Marin Independent Journal:
Former professional basketball player Isaiah "J.R." Rider has been bounced back into Marin County Jail.

Rider, 36, of Oakland was booked on a bench warrant Friday after
failing to sign up for a court-ordered drug program. The program was
required as part of a sentence he received in February after pleading
guilty to cocaine possession, battery and evading a police officer in
Marin City.

"I think he missed his enrollment or just didn’t enroll," said his
lawyer, Garrick Lew. "I’m sure he’s not happy about being there."


Brian McKitish/ESPN with a fantasy hoops report:

Here’s the thing with Jefferson: Everyone knew he had the potential to
do what he did last year (16.0 points, 10.9 boards, 0.7 steals and 1.5
blocks), but not many knew he would break out so soon. He is the real
deal, and now that he is in Minnesota, he probably will be the No. 1
scoring option and a beast in the paint. I’ve heard some people warn
that Jefferson might not be able to handle the offensive load all on
his own in Minnesota. To me, that is laughable.


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