Wolves Updates 9/11

Congrats to Anthony for winning last week’s Battle Of The Bloggers.

According to Gatorsports.com , Corey Brewer, Chris Richard, and their former teammates will will receive their NCAA Championship rings in a ceremony on Florida Field prior to the Gators’ SEC opener against Tennessee. 


The Grizzlies’ Kyle Lowry says that Garnett and "even Sebastian" Telfair have taken him under their wing this offeseason at Abunassar Impact Basketball.

Every now and then, mostly during the offseason, we get reminders that NBA players (or at least their agents) are prone to an overinflated sense of worth. If it’s not someone like Marko Jaric — who borderline shouldn’t even be in the League — demanding a trade to a contender, it’s Mickael Pietrus trying to call the shots on his own sign-and-trade… 


The Timberwolves report that their Oct. 10 exhibition game against ex-Wolf Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics in London already is a 20,000-seat sellout.


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