Wolves Updates 9/12

The Minnesota Timberwolves’ Al Jefferson has taken a step towards
leadership by requesting he take over the same locker occupied by Kevin


Rockets forward Justin Reed was cleared of misdemeanor marijuana
charges Tuesday because others submitted affidavits claiming the drugs,
his attorney said.

Reed was arrested Sept. 4 and charged with possession of less than
an ounce of marijuana, which carries a fine of $100 to $250. He posted
a $500 bond and was released later that night. Reed’s attorney, Dale
Danks Jr., told the Associated Press the Hinds County Sheriff’s
Department had dismissed the charges Tuesday.

"There were two other individuals arrested in addition to Justin.
Both of them admitted the marijuana was theirs and not Justin’s, which
makes sense because Justin has been drug-tested at least 16 times by
the NBA and during the four years he was at Ole Miss," Danks said.
We had a drug test administered after the arrest, and he did
not test positive.
Stephen Litel/Hoopsworld talks to Fred Hoiberg about the team’s young players.  
Via Loy’s Place , a photoshoot with Garnett , Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce.  
According to Carolinas Housing Network , Juwan Howard was one of the players who took part in a week-long basketball camp attended by youth from Greensboro Housing Authority. 
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