Wolves Updates 9/13 Part 2

Mike Trudell/Timberwolves site chats with Corey Brewer.


Yanni Andreopoulos/NBA.com breaks down the preseason Wolves/Celtics matchup and the preseason Wolves/Efes Pilsen game.


Well it would be nice to see him. All of us still talk and our lines of
communication haven’t stopped – obviously I don’t coach him anymore and
Ryan and Sebastian…I mean people don’t understand in our job that we
not only coach them but we also have relationships with them and in a
lot of ways they become part of the family and when you trade guys or
loose them for whatever reason, even free agency, it takes a bit out of
you so it will be nice to see him and to share some time. But when the
game starts all bets are off.


Mike Kahn/Fox Sports lists Eddie Grffin’s death as one of the "peripheral results that may have slipped through the cracks during this summer of discontent"


Matt Taibbi/The Phoenix on Eddie Griffin and Justin Reed.




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