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When that Donaghy thing happened, everyone thought it would dominate
the rest of the NBA’s offseason … then the Celts pulled off the KG
Trade and everyone shifted into ‘Wow, the Celtics are good again and KG
finally landed on a good team, this is amazing!’ mode. The Donaghy
story only had a weeklong shelf life. David Stern never got enough
credit for forcing Kevin McHale to make that KG deal.
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Like fellow stars Paul Pierce [stats] and Ray Allen, Garnett has quietly become a frequent sight at the Celtics’ training facility over the last month.
Quietly, as in keeping a low public profile, anyway.
Once safely inside the gym, however, the revived Garnett has become a cross between Mr. Warmth and a gung-ho Marine. 
Big soccer fan that he is, Celts star Kevin Garnett (inset) planned to attend last night’s tilt between Brazil and Mexico at Gillette Stadium. (Garnett was especially excited to see Brazilian midfielder Ronaldinho Gaucho.)
Dr. Sheldon Burns, who was in Thailand for the World University Games and then served as chief medical director for the U.S. basketball team in the FIBA Americas tournament in Las Vegas, said Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski has done a great job putting the U.S. team together, with great chemistry and morale among a bunch of superstars. Burns, the team physician for the Vikings, Wild and Timberwolves, says this is a much better U.S. team than the American squad that took the bronze medal in the 2004 Athens Games. 
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