Wolves Updates 9/19 Part 2

Mike Trudell/Timberwolves site talks to Kevin McHale about the team.
You can see that we have the ability to change up our lineup a bit,
either go bigger or smaller. But they still have to get themselves
going and playing at a level where they can help each other get better.
That’s how you end up with a good team, not just good individuals.


From Randball:
The Timberwolves, meanwhile, signed the man who should have been vice leader of the free world to a one-year contract. As was noted by a colleague, the only pictures available of 7-footer John Edwards are either of him standing around, getting dunked on or fouling someone. Sounds like he’ll fit in just fine. 
Maybe in time a guy like Corey Brewer could be like a Kirilenko, but Minnesota isn’t giving him up anytime soon … We put Corey on the super-early version of Dime’s All-Rookie Team, along with the expected (Durant) and maybe some unexpected (Morris Almond). Click here to check it out.
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