Wolves Updates 9/2 Part 2

Travis Heath/Hoopsworld on some of the players training at the Abunassar Impact Basketball in Las Vegas:
On Friday in the final game of the day, Garnett threw back a shot attempt by Sebastian Telfair and yelled as he does after every blocked shot during the regular season, ‘Get that s*** out of here!’

Heath writes that Telfair "hopes to prove to the world he’s a legitimate big-time point guard."


From Peter May/Boston Globe:
It was Billups’s counsel that helped persuade Kevin Garnett to agree to play for Boston. The two were teammates in Minnesota for a couple of seasons and, as Billups noted, "Not a lot of people know that I’m one of the main persons who pushed him to do it." Billups said he didn’t want to see Garnett retire and never get another chance to play deep into the postseason. "It wasn’t just about Boston," Billups clarified. "It was about him. I know what a competitor he is, and he deserves a chance to play in June. I felt like in Minnesota he wasn’t going to get that opportunity. And I didn’t want to see him look back on his career one day and say, ‘Damn, I should have just got out of there.’ It’s a great move for him. 


Alex/MN Sports Zone with his first edition of "Making The Wolves" 
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