Wolves Updates 9/21 Part 2

From KSTP.com:
The Minnesota Timberwolves announced that the team has
hired Ed Pinckney as an assistant coach on Randy Wittman’s staff on
Coach Wittman on the hiring:
"We are very lucky to have the opportunity to add a
coach who I think will have a great rapport with our big men as they
develop in this league," Wittman said. "Ed brings with him great
experience working with younger players from his years at Villanova
which will benefit the younger talent on our current roster."  

Forbes 400’s latest rankings has Wolves owner Glen Taylor listed among the top 5 richest in sports and the top 5 richest in Minnesota.


Russ Bengtson/SLAM Online on Garnett’s high school career.


Dime Magazine on Reebok’s Family Reunion recent NBA vs. Media softball game, featuring Allen Iverson, Baron Davis, Gerald Green, Shaun Livingston and Marvin William:
… but I have NEVER played baseball or softball in my life. And I
think it’s safe to say most of my teammates were in the same boat as me.
But with the exception of Gerald Green, it was the
exact opposite for most of the NBA guys. Gerald and I were kind of
feeling the same way about the event. Before the game started, he and I
were chopping it up and he said he had no clue what he’s doing on the
diamond and would just have to rely on his athleticism. And while he’s
warming up, G-Money’s athleticism helped him blast one about 300 feet.

Marc Stein/ESPN and Sean Deveney/Sporting News both list Boston as the Eastern Conference team that made the best offseason moves.  


Rob Babcock and Shooting 101- Part III




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