Wolves Updates 9/25 Part 2

Stephen Litel/Hoopsworld writes that the team needs Juwan Howard.
Universally known as a great “locker room guy,” Howard’s importance to Minnesota grew exponentially following Garnett’s arrival in Boston. With nine players on the Timberwolves roster born in or after 1982, Howard–who has been in the NBA since 1994–could serve as an invaluable mentor to the Wolf Cubs on life in the NBA, being a professional and how to deal with adversity. 
Tony Mejia/CBS Sportsline ranks the league’s power forwards and lists Garnett at #3 and Al Jefferson at #13.
Paul Pierce made it possible for Jefferson to get a little breathing room in the paint in Boston, but he might not have that luxury with the Timberwolves. Teams are going to collapse on him in the post, but that’s only going to make him better down the road. For now, though, he’s in for more losing. 
Marlon W Morgan/Memphis Commercial Appeal on the young stars in the Northwest Division.
If you’re looking to see some of the NBA’s top young talent, look no further than the Northwest Division.
There, you’ll find Deron Williams of Utah, Kevin Durant and Jeff
Green of Seattle, Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge of Portland,
Denver’s Carmelo Anthony, and Al Jefferson in Minnesota.
The Nugg Doctor also takes a look at the Northwest Division.  


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