Wolves Updates 9/26 Part 2

Rick Alonzo/Pioneer Press with notes from the team’s media luncheon.
Now that the Wolves are in full-scale rebuilding mode, it’s possible veterans such as Ricky Davis, Trenton Hassell and Mark Blount might not play as much as they did last season. Would those players be comfortable adapting to a reduced role?
"That’s going to play itself out," Wittman said. "If
it does play out that way, yeah, I think they’re going to have to.
We’re going to go with the guys that deserve to play. We’re going to
play guys that play hard every night. We’re going to establish that
right from the start."
Mike Trudell/Timberwolves site chats with Ryan Gomes and Gerald Green about "about elements of pop culture they use to relax after leaving the building."
Gerald Green with some predictions on the upcoming season. 
MVP: “Hard to say…”
Scoring Champ: “Honestly, I think Kobe or ‘Melo.”
ROY: “That’s tough too … I’ll go with Kevin Durant.”
Sleeper Team: “Timberwolves.”
Sleeper Player: “Myself.”
Favorite to win it all: “Boston. That’s what everyone is saying.”
Dan Bilicki/Sun Media previews the Western Conference teams.
THE BIG QUESTION: Who’s going to lead this team? The Garnett trade left
the T-Wolves devoid of veterans. This young squad, with an average age
of 25.8, will have to look up to the likes of Mark Blount, Theo Ratliff
and Howard. The oldest guard on the team, Marko Jaric, turns 29 in
October. The younger guys may have to lead themselves.
Craig Clough lists Garnett among the league’s best current players.
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