Wolves Updates 9/4 Part 2

Marc Spears/Boston Globe on Garnett’s offseason training:
For more than a week, the 10-time All-Star has been the first player to
arrive for his six-day-a-week workouts. In fact, Garnett has been
starting at 7 a.m. since arriving Aug. 27, and he began an hour later
yesterday only because Joe Abunassar wanted his employees to have an
extra hour of sleep on the holiday.

"I like my footprints to be the first in the sand," Garnett said.


John Schuhmann/NBA.com on what kind of impact Corey Brewer will have on the team:
Even though the T-Wolves still have a lot of wings on their roster, you have to believe that Brewer will get plenty of minutes, so that they can develop their best young talent. His numbers may not be all that impressive (we’ll go with 7.5 points and 1.25 steals per game to answer your question), but he’ll be one their better defenders. 


Timberwolves Battle Of The Bloggers No. 3 is now up.  


Stephen Litel/Hoopsworld breaks down next season’s schedule.


Howard would have been a better fit right where he was, a veteran
frontcourt guy on a Rockets team that is ready to contend. The Wolves
seem willing to move him to someone who’s not rebuilding so, who knows,
he might even return.






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