Wolves Updates 9/4

From the Turkish Daily News:
Before the Efes Pilsen – Minnesota Timberwolves game is played in Istanbul on Oct. 6, America’s National Basketball Association (NBA) has taken its first step on Turkey with its health crew, as doctor James Provo, the NBA’s health co-chief, visited the country last week to find a suitable hospital to deal with every possible health problem the players and staff might face. Provo signaled that he is close to signing a deal with Medicana Hospitals. 


Jonathan Givony/Draft Express with a preview of the teams participating in Eurobasket 2007:
Even if things certainly could look better for the Serbians, a core of Marko Jaric and Milan Gurovic at the guard spots and Darko Milicic up front is already way better than at least half of teams here have to start with. A little “us against the world” camaraderie mixed in a youngster or two stepping up at the right time could easily be enough to push Serbia into the quarterfinals.  


Serbia lost to Russia on the first day of the tournament. 




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