Wolves Updates 9/5 Part 2

Houston Rockets’ swingman Justin Reed was released Wednesday after being arrested for misdemeanour possession of marijuana.

Reed was arrested Tuesday night in Jackson. He was released from the
Hinds County jail early Wednesday, said Capt. Ken Magee of the Hinds
County Sheriff’s Department.

Reed was charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana,
which carries a fine from US$100 to $250. No date has been set for his
appearance in Hinds County court.

Marty Burns/SI.com on Troy Hudson:
"I’m a little surprised [the Celtics] haven’t [shown more
interest]," said one Eastern Conference assistant GM who wished to
remain anonymous. "I think Hudson’s still a pretty good player. He’s a
real wild card off the bench. He’s a streaky shooter, but he can put up
points in a hurry.

"I thought they’d jump on him immediately."

must have his reasons for not wanting to take a flier on Hudson. Maybe
it has something to do with Hudson’s lack of defense or that he hasn’t
been the same since suffering a series of ankle injuries that seem to
have robbed him of his explosiveness.

There’s also the fact that Hudson didn’t see eye to eye with Ainge’s friend Kevin McHale
last season. We’re guessing the Timberwolves’ vice president wouldn’t
give Hudson a glowing recommendation if Ainge were to ask for one.
Jeff Clark/Celtics Blog writes that he’ll "always be an Al Jefferson fan." 
From Laurence Farah/Timberwolves site–  Al Jefferson: By The Numbers 


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