Announcing: Bloguin!

It’s with great excitement that I announce the official launch of the Bloguin Network!  Bloguin is an idea that I came up with several months ago after fiddling around with the redesign for TWolves Blog.  One of my favorite things to do is design websites and now that both DeROK.Net and TWolves Blog had received their facelift, there wasn’t much designing left for me to do.  I decided to take my love for web designing and share it with other members of our NBA Blogging community.  In the process of doing this, the idea came about to form a network among all the sites that I would redesign, and thus Bloguin was born!
Today TWolves Blog received a minor facelift, which mostly involved adding some Bloguin insignia to the site as well as a “Latest Bloguin Posts” module on the righthand side.  However, today is a big day for three other sites, because they’ve been completely overhauled and are now on display for the entire world to see.  Upside and Motor, A Stern Warning, and 3 Shades of Blue our our first three partner sites in the Bloguin Network.  I encourage you to go check out their new look and all the great features they now have to offer.  However, rest assured that we’re not stopping there as four other blogs will be rolled out in the coming days and we’re currently in talks with several others.
As you can see, Bloguin is growing quickly and there’s a lot of top-notch NBA Blogs that are signing up with us.  We here at TWolves Blog are extremely honored to now be partnered with the other blogs in our network.  However, Bloguin isn’t going to stop there.  We’re out there looking to add lots of other blogs covering the NBA, as well as NFL blogs, MLB blogs, and non-sports sites as well.  If you’re blogger who’d like to have a fully-functional, completely customized site like TWolves Blog and the other sites in our network, and you’d like to make some extra cash on the side as well, head over to and see what we’re all about.
For the rest of you loyal TWolves Bloggers out there, don’t worry, there won’t be much of a change to our site.  On TWolves Blog’s end you can mostly expect just some increased traffic as well as some cross-promotional articles featuring our other Bloguin brethren.  One key point of note however, is that from now on, all registrations go through  If you’ve already got at TWolves Blog account, you don’t have to do a thing. However, if you’d like full-access to the other Bloguin sites, just login at with your TWolves Blog username and password and your credentials will be propogated throughout the system.  That means you’ll be able to post on all the forums as well as take advantage of members-only features across the network.
Again, thanks to all our partner sites, as well as my fellow TWolves Blog staffers who had to put up with some absence on my part as I got the network up and running.  This wouldn’t have been possible without you all!
Derek Hanson

About Derek Hanson

Doctor by day, blogger by night, Derek Hanson founded the Bloguin Network and TWolves Blog. He is one of the original Timberwolves fans, hailing back to 1989.