Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings – Edition 2

It’s that time of the month again to present to you my most favoritest thing in the entire universe.  Ok, I guess my second most favoritest thing after CW Jr.  (He’s a balla.)  Anyways, for the Second Edition, our fellow Bloguin Network Blogger Upside and Motor did an absolutely spectacular job hosting these rankings.  Seriously, they friggin rock my socks off.  Check out the Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings for this go around.

After careful consideration, I wasn’t going to inundate you with my boring rankings and comments decided to post my rankings and comments for my 10 MVP’s and 5 Rookies of the Year below:


(10 = 1, 9 = 2, 8 = 3 and so on)

10. Al Jefferson/Shaq (TIE) – ShaqZilla is back.  Big Al just keeps plugging along and dominating games, allthewhile getting no respect because the Twolves blow chunks and make me want to stab my eyes out. I could swear in this comment but I’ll refrain, since no one will read this anyways because Al and/or Shaq have a 0.000001% chance of reaching the Top 10. 

9.  Joe Johnson – Kid is good. 

8.  Kobe Bryant – His stats will increase.  It’s just that his team is so good he doesn’t need to play as many minutes as he has been accustomed to.

7.  Tim Duncan – Still waiting for his big decline.   He’ll probably average at least 16 and 10 until he’s 47 years old.

6.  Paul Pierce – The offensive leader of the best team in the league.  This should not be discounted.

5.  D-Wade – I saw him walking down the street and I was like “Yo DWizzle, whattup playa.  Keep on rocking it in da free world, you my #1 baaaaaby!”  He did not know how to respond.

4.  Dwight Howard – Do they save money by engraving his Defensive Player of the Year award trophy early?

3.  Chris Bosh – How did I have him ranked #9 for the last edition?  I have since gained some brain cells.

2.  LeBron – This is not a knock against LeBron.  See #1.

1.  Chris Paul – LeBron could very well win the MVP, but how do I demote someone that nearly notched three straight Triple-Doubles?  Like I said last time, he barely missed winning it last year = winning it this year.  Voters are screwy like that.


(5 = 1, 4 = 2 and so on)

5. Rudy Fernandez – Just wait until he gets more minutes and a defined role.  He could finish Top 3.

4. Marc Gasol – How is this porker so good?  Good thing the Wolves didn’t get him in the Love-Mayo deal.  Errr… wait a second, did we need a center?

3.  Michael Beasley – Looks like he landed in a good situation.  Needs to increase his rebounding average and he could finish higher.

2. Derrick Rose – Can make a solid argument for him #1, but Mayo has exceeded expectations.

1. OJ Mayo – Just doing all that I can (from my mother’s basement) to continually stick it to Wittman and McHale.


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