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I’m stoked to be bringing this to you all again.  Thanks in advance to everyone that submitted questions for this edition of the Mailbag.  Keep em coming and I will gladly answer.  Anyhow… as usual there is a very diverse variety of topics from: Discussion on the future of our team, The 2008 NBA Draft and whom the Wolves should take, What’s wrong with Corey Brewer, KG’s legacy, The Wolves new jerseys, The NBA Playoffs/Finals, And just what exactly is College Wolf’s purpose in life (?!?), among many other topics…

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hey its me mad dog, swear i aint stalking you…
if you were the owner would you give me a job as the gm?
also would you okay this trade
say we get beasley, trade him foye n a 3rd draft pic for my man tim duncon? would you do it, cuz i sure would.

–  Mad_Dog04

CW:  If I owned they TWolves, there are a hell of a lot of things I’d love to do.  As for giving you the title of “GM”, I don’t think I would make you the sole GM… as there a few other people I’ve got in mind as well.  Still, I would definitely have you in my Front Office in some capacity.  If anything, you’d keep the mood light, that’s for sure.  I think we would all need a little laughter while working over the ESPN Trade Machine for hours on end.  It’s very frustrating when one can’t get the machine to accept Marko and McCants for Dwight Howard, no matter how hard we try.  At the very least, you could be the “OGICOGTBFE” (Official guy in charge of getting the beer for everyone.)  Don’t worry, the OGICOGTBFR can still have input on personnel, as well as drink the beer with us.  So yeah, I would think that would be a very fulfilling and rewarding position.

As for your trade… hmmm.  I’m not sure I’d do that trade.  The only reason I say that is because of Duncan’s age.  He is getting up there in years, and who knows how much longer he’ll be able to play at the level he has been playing the past few years.  If we could do your trade for someone like Dwight Howard, Amare, and/or Bynum (assuming he’s 100% healthy), then yeah I’d do it for sure.   The problem  is I really don’t think the Magic, Suns, or Lakers (and probably not the Spurs either) would do that trade for Beasley, especially after the measurements came out at the NBA pre-draft camp indicating that he’s a lot smaller than the 6’10" he was listed being at Kansas State.  

As for the stalking… it’s kinda flattering having a stalker in a way.  Yeah ok, in a very creepy way.  I’ll stop now.


Loved your last mailbag, hope my contribution is worthy!

Our fourth win of the next season will be a landmark victory. It will be Randy Wittman’s 100th victory as a NBA head coach. Alas there is the small matter of nearly 200 losses.  Subjects of the Queen such as myself get a letter from Her Maj on their 100th. Who will send Randy a special message?

Anyway,my question is about the coach. What do you see in his future? Many of
us got excited about him leaving to coach Indiana,but our hopes were dashed. We’ve seen numerous starting line-ups, 5 minutesof sunshine with a smallball line-up, but generally a
mediocre team that often gets close but has catastrophic lapses that cost the game.

Does Wittman have the ability to take a squad that will hopefully improve in the short term to the playoffs?  Is he destined to be an another hiring error just marking time until his contract expires?
Or will Glen Taylor take the bull by the horns and sack him?

Many thanks.

–  AusWolf

Melbourne, Australia.

CW:  My man Aus, yes your submission was definitely worthy.  No doubt about it my friend.  I must apologize for taking so long to respond, but I received this shortly after I did my last Mailbag so very loooong ago (blame CW Jr. for me being busy lately.) 

Anyhow, as I promised… I answer every question.  Even though this question is a bit… dated, it was still a very good one at the time.  If my calculations are correct (without researching), I believe Wittman logged 9 more wins after you sent this email, giving him a spectacular 34 total wins in two seasons.  On most clubs, that’s not quite the “recipe for success” that management would like to see from the Head Coach.  Then again, unfortunately for us the TWolves are not like “most clubs.”  Where else does a grossly incompetent coach (lifetime sub .350 winning percentage), with little to no strategic acumen get a three year contract extension after coaching a squad for 40 games???  That still blows my mind.  I am 99% sure that the sole reason Wittman got that three year deal was because of that fact that Taylor is “ok” with him, and knows what to “expect” from him.  ‘Ol Randy is in the 601 Country Club after all, and has been for some time.  Really, that tells you all you need to know.  My guess is that we are stuck with him until his contract expires, because Taylor is known for disliking having to pay coaches to not coach here.  Plus they are buddies.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the Randy Wittman Era!  (Only two more years, woohoo!)

All I see in Wittman’s future is more losing.  If he ever wins games in his coaching career, it will be due to the development and maturation of Big Al (and whoever else pans out from our hodgepodge of glorified role players.)  And no, he won’t win with another club because no other competent organizations would ever hire him.  Basically, I don’t see us making it to the playoffs anytime soon, due to the Western Conference being incredibly tough across the board, as well as the fact that our team just isn’t very good.  By the time we are ready to compete, Wittman should (hopefully) be long gone.

Thanks for writing in from Down Under, mate.

No one likes Turbo more than me and he’s the guy I wanted last year at #7, but after watching him this season my "Corey Brewer reminds me of Scottie Pippen" visions died.  What kind of player do you think Turbo realistically is going to become?

–  TheOldLogo

CW:  Honestly?  I think a lot of it will depend on how hard he works this summer.  Before I get to that, it’s hard not to love Brewer.  Like yourself, barring winning the lottery, Corey was my #1 choice for months leading up to the draft.  I was ecstatic when we drafted him, and slowly started wondering if he could ever become a player in this league.  Let’s just say that it’s not a good thing when we worry every time he attempts to dribble the ball, and at one point in the season was the absolute worst shooting SG in the Association.  Those factors did not bode well for his future in the blue and green.  Still, it is far too early to give up on young Corey, and there is reason to hope for his future.  He has the size (and I think) the inherent skills to be an above-average to good player in this league for years to come.  He seems to exhibit “smarts” on the court, which is partly due to his tutelage under Billy Donovan at Florida, but also because he is a smart person as well.  He puts in the effort on the defensive end, and truly was not a bad defender his rookie season.  His offensive game will come in time.  The biggest obstacles in his way at this point are: adjusting to the faster tempo of the NBA game, and putting some solid (e.g. muscular) weight onto his skinny as a rail frame.  His legs are so skinny that it looks like they could snap in half at any moment. 

Like I said, this summer is key because the off-season is the time when players can hone their skills and put on (or lose) weight.  These things are too difficult to accomplish during the grind of an NBA season, but he should have ample amount of time now to improve, if he puts in the effort.  From everything I’ve seen of him, there is no indication to think that he won’t put in the necessary effort.  If he can improve his handle, jumpshot, and put on a solid 20 or so pounds, I think he will be a great complementary player in this league for years to come.  With that said, I think his ceiling is probably that of a Tayshaun Prince type athlete at best.  Their body types are similar, as are their skillsets.  Granted, Tayshaun has a better shot, further range, and more experience; but those things come with time in the league.  I hope he can maximize his potential and reach this ceiling, because it would be a shame if the he doesn’t (for whatever reasons), and the Wolves cut ties with him after his rookie contract. I am hopeful, but like you indicated, it’s certainly not guaranteed.  Realistically, I can’t say for sure that we should bank on him becoming the next Tayshaun Prince, but that’s my dream at least.   

Hey CW,

You watch the video of Brook Lopez’s workout with the TWolves on Tuesday?  If not, here it is: 


–  Sam   

CW:  Ummmm yeah.  I saw it.  Believe me, you don’t want to know my thoughts.  Let’s just move along…

Why has KG stepped his game up in the playoffs for the Celtics this season and when he was with the Wolves he dissappeared?  Is it maturity or the supporting cast…or was is Flip’s bad coaching??

–  Wanting answers now!!!

CW:  Blasphemy!  I didn’t know that KG “disappeared” when with the Wolves.  He’s the only good thing that the Wolves ever had going for them in the past two decades.  I’m really not sure how to even respond to such accusations that the Wolves’ losing was due to him not having the “maturity,” or because of Flip’s “bad coaching.”  As the first high schooler to go pro in more than 20 years, KG has always displayed maturity beyond his years.  That should not even be debated.  As for Flip’s “bad coaching”, to each their own I guess.  Flip overachieved with some truly horrific rosters.  The fact that KG is now playing with two other borderline Hall-of-Famers certainly is part of the reason that they made the Finals; but KG isn’t doing anything differently than he’s ever done in the past.  You must be from Boston if you think he has just now “stepped up his game.”  This is how he played for 12 tough seasons in Minnesota.  KG gets too much blame and never enough praise.


1.  How has the new baby affected your life from a sports fan perspective?  Are you still going to make it to a full compliment of events?

2.  On a rating of 1-10 (10 be destroyed and barely able to speak for 36 hours) how devastating would the following things be
A.  Drafting 3+.
B.  Drafting 5+
C.  Gomes signing with another team.

–  Pants

CW:  Thanks Pants.  Your combination platter of questions (more to come) lands you the heralded “EMailbagger of the Month” award.  Ok, so it’s not really very heralded at all… nor do I have any prizes or awards for you.  I don’t even have a cool little icon or anything to put next to your name.  Sorry about that.  (Mental note:  Make DeROK create me a “Mailbagger of the Month” icon.) 

1)  I’m not sure yet.  The only reason I say that is because he was born towards the very tail end of the NBA season this year, so I only missed like one game out of the three or four remaining, or something like that.  As for next year, who knows?  I still have my Vikings and Wolves season tickets, but my guess is that I’ll be selling more of the games than I typically would.  Thanks to Mrs. Wolf’s schedule, I don’t think I’ll have to skip out on too many Wolves games.  Who knows though, it could be a good thing as it would force me to stay home and watch more games with CW Jr.  Someone’s gotta start teaching him the intricacies of the “pick and roll”, as well as brainwash all of Ryan Gomes’ moves into his head.

(For the people at home, he sent this question before the draft lottery.)

2)  A – It started off as a solid “9”, but has since slowly dropped to a “5”, where it currently resides.  This is mostly due to O.J. Mayo’s rave reviews, as well as the rumors that Beasley could possibly drop to #3.
B – Dear god that would have been an “11.”  The worst part?  It could still happen, as McFale is rumored to possibly be trading down.  If Beasley falls to us at number three, McFale would be FORCED to trade down or trade the pick completely.  He wouldn’t know what to do with Beasley, his head would explode.
C – “Triple infinity.”  Deep down I have been preparing myself for this moment for quite some time now.  It won’t be pretty.  Someone will need to lock me in a straight jacket as soon as the news breaks.

Yo College would ya trade Gomes for something like a second round pick and maybe a young promising dude like Yakhouba Diawara?  Gomes is just gonna leave anyways since hes a free agent so we might as well trade him.

–  anonymous

CW:  First off, Gomes is a restricted free agent, so we can match any offers that he gets from any other teams.  Secondly, I would never do that craptastic trade in a gazillion years.

hey collegewolf,
When are the Wolves changing their logo and jerseys?  Is it this year or next year?


–  9deuce

CW:  It’s actually not until 2014 because of some hidden by-laws in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Also, they are supposedly going to be bright green with orange trim.  Yeah, that really blows, I agree.  OK, just kidding.  According to Glen Taylor himself, we are getting the new logo and uniforms this upcoming season.  It should be interested to see what they have come up with.  I haven’t seen any details or pictures of the new uniforms or logo yet.

C-Wolf –

I know the NFL has a draft value chart that shows approximately how much each pick is worth.  I can’t find anything like that for the NBA draft.  Just wondering what we could realistically expect if we traded our 2 second rounders.  How high of a pick would that get us?  High enough to nab Robin Lopez, who I believe will go around 18?  Mayo and Lopez would be a realistic draft that would satisfy me as a fan for sure.


CW:  You are correct that there is no official (or even unofficial) “draft pick value chart” for the NBA.  That’s probably a good thing though, because every year McHale would probably try trading our first round pick for two second rounders, a Diet Coke, and a new sweater.  The nice thing though about high second round picks, is that they are incredibly valuable.  The reason is that the contracts of second round picks are NOT guaranteed, while all first round contracts ARE guaranteed.  Therefore, some budget strapped teams often look to trade out of the first round and into the second, such as the Phoenix Suns have done the past three years.  Can you believe that they either sold or basically gave away the draft picks that turned into Luol Deng, Rajon Rondo, and Rudy Fernandez?  I mean, really?  Think how much better off the future of the Suns could be right now…

Anyways, according to the current edition of the mock draft, Robin Lopez is currently slotted at #25 overall.  Roy Hibbert is slotted #23, and Kosta Koufos #24.  To be honest, I would be excited to turn either/both of our second round picks into any of those big men.  Other guys I am interested in trading our second round picks for include (but are not limited to): Bill Walker, Pat Calathes, CDR, Donte Green, JaVale McGee, Nicolas Batum, and possibly Brandon Rush.  Of course, a few of these guys might be available without trading up… in that case, all the better.

Anyways, I am with you that Mayo and Robin Lopez would be a great draft.  I’d be on board with that… in fact I’ve discussed such a situation extensively in our TWB forums.  To keep a long story short, 100 times out of 100, I’d rather trade up for Robin Lopez late in the first round than draft Brook “#1 Disney Fan” Lopez with our #3 overall pick.  By drafting Robin, that allows us to add another great talent at the top of the draft, without wasting it on Brook.  Anyways, I think Robin is a better defender, shot blocker, and rebounder than Brook.  That is exactly the type of Center that we need next to Big Al, which coincidentally allows him to move back to his PF position.  So what if Robin’s offense isn’t quite as good as Brook’s?  Then again, I haven’t heard of any reports that Robin got multiple shots blocked by a retired, nearly 50 year old NBA player who would struggle to jump over the Sunday paper.

Excluding Lottery Teams, here are some realistic “trade-up” scenarios in my delusional mind:

– Phoenix (#15):  They’ve sold a first round pick for the past three years!  I don’t see how they would turn down our second round picks.  Or, we could offer them one of the picks and McCants.  Perhaps Miami’s future first round pick?  The possibilities are endless!  This is easily our best trading candidate if there is a player that the Wolves really like, and is projected to go in the middle of the first round.

– Washington (#18):  They may not want to pay guaranteed money to a mid first round pick since they have free agents of their own to re-sign (Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison among others.)  Also, their only second round pick is #48, not exactly a historically valuable slot.

 – Cleveland (#19):  They need to win… and win NOW to appease LeBron.  What’s the point of them drafting a mid round pick and waiting for him to develop?  Unfortunately, their main issue is that they need cap relief or established talent, and we cannot provide much of either.

– Denver (#20) / Orlando (#22):  Only because these teams have no 2nd round picks.  Denver is a very cash strapped team with a monster payroll, much like Phoenix.  Two second round picks may perhaps be more useful than a low first to either or both of these clubs.

– New Orleans (#27):  I don’t see many situations where this would happen, because we have the first second round pick (see ya Mark Blount!)  The Hornets do not have a second rounder, so it could be useful for them to move down.  However, we should only do this if we know FOR A FACT that “our guy” is going to be drafted between 27-30. 

We could try to move up for an additional lottery pick by dangling our 2nd rounders, future firsts, and assets like McCants/Antoine Walker, but that is going to be a wee bit more difficult than trading for a mid to late first round pick.

What is involved with making your podcasts?  Couple of mikes and a pc?  Edit in the music?

–  Pants

CW:   I almost thought no one would ask about the “KG Casts” that we’ve been doing on TWB.  Presumably you are listening to them (and hopefully enjoying.)  First off, since this is my Mailbag and I’m running isht around here, I’d like to plug our said KG Cast’s.  For those of you that don’t know, a combination of DeROK, Bonk, and/or Myself have been doing a podcast after most of the Celtics playoff games.  They are mostly in honor of KG’s first ever NBA Finals run, but also because it’s a great chance to talk NBA and analyze the games.  Personally, there are times when I enjoy doing a podcast more than writing a game recap, but that usually comes and goes with my mood I suppose.  Also, I do believe that we are all getting better and better at our production and delivery.  So, if you feel like catching up on old Casts of mine, start around #6 or so… I was (and am) still learning the ropes, but they get much better with each successive one that we do. 

As for what goes into making them… it’s just my incredibly spectacular, sparkling, witty personality and a little help from some friends (Bonk and DeROK.)  Ha, just kidding.  What really happens is that the guys at ESPN in Bristol dispatch a production crew to my house whenever we feel like doing one (I’ve got them on speed dial.)  We just all sit in my living room and they record me talking.  And then I play some cds to let them all know which songs I’d like on the podcast.  They go out to their vans and mix it, and then email the podcast file to me a few hours later.  All I have to do after that is put it up on TWB.  Simple and easy.  That might have been lame but I was slightly chuckling (Yes, I am easy to amuse.) 

I wish it were that easy.  What really happens is not as easy as you may think.  First off, I’ve got some programs downloaded from the ‘net that makes this all possible.  One allows DeROK and I to talk to each other for free.  Another records it.  The last program is the most important.  It allows us to input sound files and then “mix” them together however we want.  When Bonk and I do our podcasts, we just have some mics that record directly into the program, so that’s easy.  DeROK’s situation is different since he’s not in the same room with me.  That’s why we need the first two programs.  Anyways, so I upload all the chit chat files and music that we want to go into it.  Once everything is loaded, you can move the files around, cut them, fade them in and out, etc etc.  Seriously, you should see me cackling and the power erupting from my fingers when I am mixing these bad boys.  After everything is done with mixing the podcast, there is still a lot of technical work to do involving transferring the file into .mp3 format, uploading it to a file server on the net, and then coding it into the TWB website and whatnot.  I’d say it takes me approximately 2 hours (give or take) to get the podcast up on the net from when we are done recording it.  But really, a ton of credit goes to Bonk and DeROK as well.  It’s far from being all me. 

Hey College Wolf:
I’d like us to trade McCants and draft Mayo.  Don’t really care that we need a Center.  We needs lots of things on this team.  If ever a team was built to take the BPA in a draft it’s the Wolves. 
At least when it comes to the court/locker room, I’m hearing more issues about Bayless then Mayo regarding pouting/attitude.  Your thoughts?
–  Chris

CW:  Thanks for the submission Chris; I love questions that allow me to go off on my arch nemesis McCants.  I couldn’t agree more with you about trading Rashad McCantshoot.  I’ve wanted to trade him ever since we drafted him.  He and Foye are redundant, and would even be more so with Mayo.  However, I do want us to draft Mayo which means we could trade Foye or McCants for someone.  In fact, we should trade one of those two.  Personally, I’d trade Foye but that won’t happen because he is our Front Office’s “golden child.”  McCants is a mercurial player that is an enigma wrapped inside a mystery, plus I’ve read trade rumors about him dating back to last summer.  So, I do think it is plausible to trade him.  I mean, some team may actually take a waiver on a guy that can drop 15-18 ppg (watch out though, someone’s gotta put up numbers on the bad teams.) 

Anyway, I agree that we absolutely, under no condition, should draft for “need” with our top pick.  (That means you Brook “Da stiff” Lopez.)   We absolutely need to draft the BPA available, and at this point I think that’s Mayo (assuming Rose and Beasley are gone already.)  Bad teams do not have the luxury of drafting for need with high lottery picks.  In fact, the only teams that should be drafting for need are the few teams at the top of the league (we’re talking Boston, Detroit, SA, LA, Utah, etc), especially since they will have draft picks at the very bottom of the first round.  Drafting for need gets us players like Felton Spencer, Luc Longley… and Brook Lopez.  Also, I think we could package McCants and a second round pick this season to move back up into the first round.  We could draft one of a handful of different centers with that pick.  Seems like an easy decision to me.   That’s two assets instead of one… well, assuming anyone counts drafting Brook Lopez at #3 an “asset.”

To be honest, I have not heard much about Bayless having a bad attitude and/or pouting.  Perhaps I’m just not reading enough NCAA stuff, I dunno.  However, everything that I HAVE read about Mayo indicates that he’s had a great attitude last season, with no issues of this nature at all.  The kid has been under the microscope since he’s been in junior high, which is not easy for anyone to deal with.  Granted, we’ve got this whole issue with him supposedly accepting money from his agent’s mule, but that has nothing to do with his on the court performance.  And let’s be honest, what’s so bad about that?  These kids generate millions upon millions of dollars to line executives’ pockets, yet they are not supposed to get a single DIME in return?  I mean, if they go out to eat with an agent, they are supposed to pay for their own meals?  They can’t accept a ticket to a sporting event?  Seriously?  That’s ass backwards if you ask me.  Only a very, very small percent will ever go on to earn money playing professional sports, yet they generate untold millions of dollars while playing college ball.  If anything, that should be changed.  I don’t have a problem with Mayo benefiting while at USC.  And it’s not like he was accepting millions of dollars under the table either.

Enough about that.  Another somewhat unknown fact about Mayo is that he plays absolutely stellar defense.  Everything I’ve read about him nationally and at has given him props on his lockdown defense.  If anything, a lockdown wing defender with “jump out of the gym” athleticism, who can shoot 3’s and get to the free throw line is as big a need for this team as a center.  According to the NBA Pre-Draft measurements, he’s nearly 6’4”… which is bigger than both Foye and McCants.  I hope the Wolves are not even considering Bayless, as we don’t need another undersized shooting guard that pretends to play point.  Bayless can score, but so can Mayo (and other guys on our team as well.)  I believe Mayo is superior to both Brook Lopez and Bayless, and should be drafted over them without question.  As I detailed in a question above, there are a plethora of opportunities for us to trade back into the first round to nab a center not named Brook Lopez.  It will be a real shame if McHale screws this up.

Celtics:  Who would win in a fight if everyone in the Celtics participated?
Who is your playoff MVP? 
Who are the 3 guys who really impressed you in the playoffs, and who are the 3 guys who’s play really disappointed you in the playoffs? 
What coach disappointed you most in the playoffs & which coach impressed you the most? 
Hopefully by the time this is published the Celtics are in the finals, or have already won the finals.

–  Bonk

CW:  Wowowowowowowowowowowowowow I just got done watching the Celtics pwn the Lakers tonight!!!! Holy crap KG and the C’s are up 2-0 in the NBA FINALS!!!!! WOOOOHOOOO I can hardly contain myself!!! Wow, what a glorious series so far!!!!

Celtics Fight:  I’d love to answer this like I answered the “Timberwolves Royal Rumble” question in my last Mailbag, but I think we all know the answer to this.   I mean honestly, would anyone challenge KG… at all?  I guess maybe Kendrick Perkins, but he shows less emotion on the court than Al Gore at the Democratic Convention After-Party.  KG on the other hand, is a fiery inferno every time he steps onto the court.  I think his teammates are even afraid to touch him when he’s in his “psychotic serial-killer” zone.  The odds for betting on KG to win a Celtics Royal Rumble would be 1:1,000 (meaning you’d have to bet $1,000 on KG to win $1 profit.)

Playoff MVP:  KG.  He’s been the most consistent Celtic BY FAR this post-season.  And right now his team is up 2-0 in the NBA Finals.  He and PP are the heart and soul of that team.  On top of his offense, KG does everything.  He gets the slight nod over PP34.

6 Dudes:   Let’s see… my three most impressive guys would have to be: Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, and… KG.  Rondo has been the floor general for the team in the NBA Finals.  He is mature and a key component to the Celtics success.  He and CP3 are both mature beyond their years.  It can’t be easy for a 22 (maybe 23?) year old kid to play with potential Hall-of-Famers out there.  Not only that, he’s a superb passer with great court vision and displays “above-average” to “great” defense.  He’s not a big name, but that shouldn’t discount how awesome he’s been.  Almost all of this basically applies to CP3 as well.  Despite their loss to the former World Champions in the second round, the Hornets played above and beyond what anyone expected from them this season.  Also, he’s obviously the leader and best player of that young team.  It is amazing what they accomplished, and it’s too bad they couldn’t have knocked off the Spurs.  I expect big things from them next year.  As for my choice of KG, you know the knocks on him: That he can’t win big games and chokes in the clutch and blah blah blah.  Well screw that, he’s proving everyone wrong this year.  ‘Nuff said.

As for my three biggest disappointments:  Ray Allen, Manu Ginobili, and Carmelo Anthony.  Ray Allen because he’s looked like absolute horseshyt until the past 3 games or so.  What’s up with that?  He’s one of the best long range shooters in the history of the game and he couldn’t hit a three if his life depended on it.  Luckily for everyone except Lakers fans’, he’s really came around the first two games of the Finals.  With him shooting like his typical self, the Celtics have a great chance to win it all.  Still, he gets a nod because of how awful he was the first three rounds.  I was actually afraid of him handling and/or shooting the ball at points.  It might be a little unfair to Manu, but he absolutely disappeared in the WCF against the Lakers (other than ONE good game.)  I think it could have been that he was dinged up, but still, he contributed nothing.  He was ok in the first two rounds of the playoffs, but did not bring what is expected of him.  He really needed to step up his game for them to beat the Lakers, but he didn’t and the series was a blowout.   ‘Melo, well, because I hate the Nuggets and he’s a chump.  Really though, the Nuggs laid down and died in the first round.  I mean, a 4-0 sweep?  What’s up with that?  Most of the blame goes to the best player on the team, and that’s arguably Melo.  I think the Nuggs need to blow that team up.  Or… keep it together, I don’t care.  I love seeing them fail.

Coaches:  I would have said Doc disappointed me the most, but honestly, I expected him to generally coach like a buffoon in the first place.  So he’s spared.  What about the Mike’s?  (Brown and Woodson.)  Nah, they’ve always sucked too.  I’d say my biggest disappointment was Sean “The Lil General” Avery.  I mean, I think everyone thought that they had learned from the previous season (losing to GS in the first round.)  Also, they brought in Jason Kidd, who was supposed to be the “missing piece.”  I think the problem was that everyone just tuned out his yelling and theatrics.  And then he got fired.  Ooops.  He’s my biggest disappointment.  Most impressive Coach?  I think I’ll go with Jerry Sloan.  It’s amazing what he’s able to do year after year with his teams.  I mean, the dude is like 67 years old and just wants to retire to his ranch so that he can play around on his tractors!  Instead, he’s continually coaching teams deep into the playoffs.  Yes, I know they lost in the second round, but they lost to the team that is in the NBA Finals, so that’s not such a horrible way to go.  I am very impressed by the way that he gets his players to listen to him and buy into his system.  Also, I rarely ever can point out times when I’m like: “you know what, Sloan just got horribly out-coached and that’s why they lost.”  It just doesn’t happen.  Jerry doesn’t get enough praise in my opinion.  What a legend.

As for your last comment, see above… Celtics up 2-0 and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I can’t wait for Tuesday night!


In the TWB forum, how often do you type a very negative response (likely in reaction a previous post) only to delete it and go with a more tempered response or none at all.  Personally I do it every couple of days (and I may have done it 30 seconds before this email). 

–  Pants

CW:  I just did it approximately 5 minutes ago.  Honestly though… more times than I would care to admit.

Hi CW,

I really enjoy being a part the Twolvesblog family. It is great entertainment! Thanks for all you do to keep it running. I have some personal questions to ask you about yourself.

1. Is your career journalism?
2. If not, do you hope to parlay your hobby into a career?
3. What is your purpose in life?
(I know that is a strange question but it will tell us everything there is to know about you. Answer it seriously.)

–  Mmaland

CW:  I am glad to hear that you enjoy the community Mmaland.  Also, it’s good to have you around, especially in the TWB Forums!  Thanks for the good sentiment.  Helping to run TWolvesblog is something that I truly do for the “love of it”, as none of us are making any cold hard cashola off it.  (Except for DeROK who’s counting his billions as we speak.) 

1)  No good sir, my career is not journalism.  In fact, I was an Economics and Business Finance double major in college.  I also dabbled in Accounting, but absolutely could not stand it, so I merely “minored” in it.  Like Ryan Gomes, I was good at many things, great at none.  If I could do it all over again, and knew what I know now, I would definitely have pursued journalism in school when I had that opportunity.

2)  Honestly, if the opportunity presented itself, that is something I would seriously consider.  The problem that I see right now is making enough money to support a family.  I’m not sure how one would really go about doing so (making such a huge career shift like that), to tell you the truth.  I would love a career as a writer, but I’m not sure I’d want to do it for the local newspapers such as the Star Tribune or Pioneer Press.  Mainly, because the newspaper business is a dying industry.  So what does that leave… writing online?  Could I make enough money?  I suppose if I somehow got hired onto a major sports website such as Yahoo! Sports or ESPN, but I’m being realistic and not counting my chickens before they hatch.  Ideally, watching and writing about sports for a living is my absolute dream job.  If you know anyone and can make it happen, you’d be my absolute favorite Utahan ever!!!

3)  After much deliberation, I have concluded that for the most part (but not entirely); life in general is without a singular and absolute "purpose."  Therefore, to make the most of it, one should live for the moment and do what makes one happy.  However, not to be overlooked is the impact of making positive impressions in the lives of others along the way.  Personally, I think I am on this sphere to spread good will and charm.  It may not always appear that way from some of the “discussions” in our forums, but I promise I am a very jolly and outgoing person “off the ‘net.”  If I can positively influence most peoples lives that I come into contact with for the better, than I have succeed.  Granted, I do not always do that.  But who does?  I am not perfect and accept that. 

(Disclaimer:  Any and all potential fake NBA trades that I ever concoct ARE indeed perfect and should be immediately transacted, despite any inherent flaws in my character.)

If the Celtics win a title, and KG gets a ring, will the "Love-fest" for him end finally?
I mean…everyone here wants him to get a ring just for his service to this franchise. But what happens AFTER he gets it?

–  NBAFan#8

CW:  I hate to break it to you my man, but if KG wins a ring the “Love-fest” will only multiply exponentially.  It will be so bad that it will probably haunt your dreams, to be honest with you.  Basically, after (IF) he gets a ring:  you will never hear the end of it regarding how KG is the greatest player ever, he just needed a little help and would prove himself, he’s on par with Tim Duncan as one of the best Power Forwards of all time, and etc etc etc.  Right or wrong, I can’t guarantee I won’t be one of the people exclaiming his greatness while dripping hot wax all over myself in the likeness of KG.  You’ll just have to face it… the Love-fest for KG will never end.

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