KG Cast – Episode 15

The First TWolvesBlog "Tri-KG Cast"

Tonight:  College Wolf, DeROK, and Bonk

Game:  Celtics win Game 1: 98-88.
            Celtics lead NBA Finals 1-0.

Tonight we present to you another special "KG Cast."  Not only did the KG and the Celtics win Game 1 of the NBA Finals, but we’ve got our first ever "Tri-KG Cast", presented by myself, DeROK, and Bonk.   Less than a year ago KG was traded to Boston, and tonight he won his first ever Finals game.  It may be sad for some Minnesotans, but for many tonight was a very joyous occasion.  After a tough first half, the C’s defeated the LA Lakers in all facets of the game to emerge victorious at the end.  Tonight, we bring you
the "KG Cast – Episode 15", a recap and banter from Game 1 of the NBA Finals.  Can the Celtics continue the momentum and win Game 2 Sunday night?  Surely, coaching maestro Phil Jackson will make a multitude of adjustments.  But… will they be enough, or will the Celtics prove the pundits wrong and crush the hearts of Lakers’ fans for the 9th time on the NBA’s biggest stage?  Check it out~

(On our last podcast, some people have reported issues with the sound at times, but others have said it was fine.  We apologize in advance if you have any issues with the sound quality or volume.  You may just have to turn it up a little.  Thanks.)  



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