KG Cast – Episode 2

The KG Cast has returned for a second edition following the Celtics 2nd victory of the Atlanta Hawks in their best of seven series.  I appreciate all the kind comments after the initial podcast and would like to thank you all for bearing with me as I iron things out both technology-wise and with just basic "on air" performance.  I would say that the first KG Cast was a success overall, but I’m guessing most of you would get tired of hearing 20 minute monologues after a while.  Thankfully, my fellow TWolves Blogger, College Wolf, was able to join me this time around for a much more lengthy, and hopefully much more interesting conversation.  In this podcast we recap the Celtics/Hawks Game 2, discuss Mike Bibby’s comments about the Boston fans, cover KG’s winning the Defensive Player of the Year award, and bring up additional thoughts from the other first-round playoff series. 

We’re definitely on our way to making a "semi-professional" podcast here.  Hopefully we’ll be there by the time the C’s have sent the Hawks packing! 


Derek Hanson

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Doctor by day, blogger by night, Derek Hanson founded the Bloguin Network and TWolves Blog. He is one of the original Timberwolves fans, hailing back to 1989.