KG Cast – Episode 6

College Wolf and Bonk’s first Co-Podcast Ever!!!!!!!

Tonight:  College Wolf & Bonk

Game:  Celtics fall to the Hawks 103-100, Game 6
        Series tied 3-3


Unfortunately we are not bringing everyone our first co-podcast under better circumstances, such as a Celtics series clenching win, but we’ll have to make due.  The Boston Celtics lost a heartbreaking Game 6 tonight down in the dirty, dirty ATL to the Hawks, 103-100.  CW and Bonk have all the hard-hitting insight and analysis coming through your speakers.  It looks like the series will be heading back to Boston on Sunday.  As a bonus, we’ve got analysis of the last first round games, as well as predictions and insight for all the Round 2 matchups. Check us out.


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