KG Cast – Episode 7

Tonight:  College Wolf

Game:  Celtics over Cavs 76-72, Game 1.
        Celtics take 1-0 series lead.

College Wolf is rolling solo again for KG Cast – Episode 7.  I promise I’m getting the hang of this thing, and its definitely much better (and smoother) than my first solo podcast. The Boston Celtics took Game 1 in the second round of the NBA Playoffs against the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight. KG took over in crunch time, leading the Celtics to an extremely hard fought victory, 76-72. Almost all the other big stars suffered in tonight’s game, resulting in horrible efforts from Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and LeBron James.  Also, I go Around The NBA and discuss last night’s games, which resulted in the Detroit Pistons and New Orleans Hornets both taking 2-0 series’ leads over the Orlando Magic and defending champion San Antonio Spurs, respectively. Check it out.


College Wolf

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