Hartman interview with Robson

Chad Hartman/KFAN had Britt Robson on air with him yesterday afternoon. Click here to listen to the interview.
Some of the highlights:
Robson on O.J. Mayo:
Said he was a little let down because of all the hype, but that he’s a “heck of a player” and could be a cornerstone player.
On Kevin Love:
His value isn’t going to be any lower than it is now

On the Love/Mayo trade:

From having seen the two play, Robson said that even the biggest Love apologist could not justify the deal the way it is now
On Kevin McHale as coach:
He thought that what would happen is that McHale would encourage and push the players he drafted/chose to develop. He did not think that Kevin Ollie would be getting Sebastian Telfair’s minutes
On the team and seeming absence of a plan:
Went from a team with a glut of swingmen to a team with a glut of power forwards.
If it’s going to be Jefferson and Love, they need to play together and he’s astounded at how little this has happened.
Robson said that the team needs to show the remaining fans “here is the plan” or they need to show them wins. They can’t continue to show them losses without a plan.
If you have a young team and you’re admittedly building, clearing cap space, and have multiple draft picks, you have to figure out who you want to keep and what your young players are capable of. If you’re leaving them on the bench for Kevin Ollie, Brian Cardinal, and Mark Madsen, it’s “literally illogical” according to Robson.
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