I’ve just launched a new Minnesota Twins site with Alex Halsted, one of my esteemed competitors in the Battle of the Bloggers.  It’s by far one of the most advanced sports blogs on the internet – even more than goold old TWolves Blog.  (Don’t worry, updates are coming!)  In addition to the traditional blog format, we’ve put together a great forum, as well as a MySpace/Facebook-ish area for our members called "The Clubhouse".  Alex has also done a phenomenal job of crunching stats and putting together pages for every player in the Twins organization from the Majors all the way down to the smallest of the Minor Leagues.  I’m not a baseball fanatic, so I’ll admit I didn’t even know you could go lower than Single A.  Well, you can, and Alex even has stats for all of them.  It’s really a goldmine if you’re a Twins junkie. 

Again the URL is (Don’t forget the hyphen!)  Please check it out if you’re a Twins fan – you won’t be disappointed!

This brings me to the last thing I’d like to mention.  I’m a web-design fanatic.  I probably love making web pages more than I actually enjoy maintaining them.  If you’re a dedicated sports blogger who would like to upgrade your site to something along the lines of TWolves Blog or Twins Territory, feel free to drop me a line at, and perhaps we could work something out.  I’d really love to get hooked up with a Vikings fan to complete the Minnesota Tri-fecta, or perhaps somebody who shares my passion for the Patriots or Orioles.  But even if you’re a dirty Denver Nuggets supporter, I’d be more than willing to hear you out…  Maybe.

Derek Hanson

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Doctor by day, blogger by night, Derek Hanson founded the Bloguin Network and TWolves Blog. He is one of the original Timberwolves fans, hailing back to 1989.