KG’s homecoming looking unlikely

Under normal circumstances, the game in Minneapolis would have been his
homecoming – his first appearance in front of the Target Center crowd
in a Celtics uniform. Now, if Garnett even makes the trip, he probably
will be wearing a nice suit and waving to his former fans from the

“I think that’s out of the question right now,” Rivers said after much discussion with Garnett about playing in Minnesota.
There are plenty of reasons to be cautious. An abdominal strain in
1997-98 cost Shaquille O’Neal 21 games in 1997-98, and the Lakers
center wasn’t fully recovered even when he returned. Former L.A. coach
Del Harris told the Boston Globe that a similar injury ended Hall of
Famer Jerry West’s career. "You need to be very careful with those
kinds of injuries,"’ Harris said, "because it will get to where it’s
feeling all right and it still isn’t all right. And you strain it
again. Or worse. It can get ugly if you don’t take proper care of it.”
Then there is Garnett’s game intensity, added argument for holding him
back. "You know KG, there’s no ’75 percent’ to his effort,"’ former
Wolves coach Flip Saunders told me Monday. "In that game particularly,
he could turn it into a hernia."’

The team planned to acknowledge Garnett’s return by introducing him
first among the Celtics and allowing the hometown fans as long as they
need to welcome him.

"There’d be a lot of people disappointed," Wolves vice president of
marketing and communications Ted Johnson said. "Unfortunately, that’s
one of the risks inherent with any sporting event."
The Wolves are continuing to sell tickets to the
Boston game as part of a two-game package, along with the game against
Dallas on Feb. 24. Single-game tickets for Boston were not available as
of Monday.
Even if Garnett travels to Minnesota, he might not
appear in public at Target Center if he can’t play. He hasn’t been on
the Boston bench recently during games, preferring to watch in private.
From TrueHoop:

One way or another, I’m thinking the powers that be better make sure
Kevin Garnett is in Minnesota on Friday. Otherwise there are going to
be some cranky Minnesotans to contend with.
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