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Expect the worst and hope for the best — that seems to be the attitude of most Wolves fans coming into tonight’s NBA Draft Lottery.  In the short history of the franchise, we have yet to move up in a draft lottery, but surely, there’s a first time for anything…right?  Uh, right guys? 

Whelp, get out your lucky charms and buckle up, because this is gonna be a nerve-wracking evening.  And, by the way, thanks for following along with the live blog.

*About an hour ago, I started to get a funny feeling.  While it may have simply been the heartburn that resulted from the lunch buffet at Boca Chica, I think it’s more likely an inkling that this is the year we finally get lucky.  I don’t want to jinx anything, but I’m a bit more optimistic than I usually am about our chances at moving up in the draft.  We’re overdue for some good fortune, dammit!

*If you need a quick history lesson on the many Draft Lottery misadventures in the history of this franchise, here’s a great article from T’Wolves Blog contributor Jon Marthaler that’s worth a read.

*Screw Jay-Z…Beyonce should have been the Nets’ representative at the lottery.

*Avery Johnson’s on the ESPN pregame panel — pretty cool.  Reminds me of something I saw a couple weeks ago: I was browsing in a Borders, and noticed a book written by Avery in the "new releases" section of the store.  Talk about terrible timing to release a book; Cuban had just given him the axe before his book was shipped to stores.

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*Man, I’m getting nervous.  I’m starting to feel like this kid.  15 minutes and counting until this thing gets underway.

*Cliffsnotes version of the NBA Draft Lottery’s history: The league implemented the lottery system in 1985; of course, the Knicks won this inagural lottery and used the first pick in the draft to select Patrick Ewing.  In 1994, the lottery system was weighted to give the worst non-playoff teams an even greater chance at landing the top pick: the worst team in the league was given a 25% chance of getting the #1 pick.

*Wonder if our man Freddie H. is doing some freestylin’ with Jay-Z to pass the time until the draft order is announced.  It’s just about time, and I, for one, look like an idiot, pacing back and forth in front of the television. 

*Heeeere we go…keep those fingers crossed, and keep gripping any lucky charms you can track down. 

*No footage from the Timberwolves’ draft lottery party?  That’s a shame — I bet the 10-20 people who showed up are going nuts right now. 

*If the Knicks jump ahead of the Wolves, I’m declaring a vast, anti-Minnesota conspiracy by the NBA. 

*Gah!  Enough of the filler, ESPN!  I think I speak on behalf of all nervous Wolves fans when I say that we couldn’t care less about that lady wearing the Kings jersey. 

*The picks are in.  Here’s something to watch until the picks are revealed. 

*28% chance of getting the first or second pick — I’ll take those odds, baby!  Let’s get this show on the road!

*By teddy bear standards, Freddy’s good luck charm is pretty bad ass.  Funny…this thing is getting underway, and I’m not feeling the sense of doom that I usually get around this time.

*It’s on…. 

*TOP THREE!  This is gonna be the longest comercial break ever…keep crossing those fingers, and keep gripping those lucky charms.

*C’mon basketball gods…we’re overdue for some big time luck. 

*The Bulls?  Ugh.  At least we didn’t move down, but for a minute there, I honestly thought we’d be in the top two.  So close, and yet so far from Beasley or Rose.

*Simply unreal that Chicago, the ninth team in the "lottery standings," leap-frogged the Wolves and Heat.  I suppose it’s a positive that we haven’t gotten screwed too badly by the lottery over the past two seasons, but still, seeing the Bulls jump up so far has gotta leave a sour taste in your mouth.

*Wonder if the Wolves will look to take Christian Laettner at #3.

*For those keeping score at home, Chicago had a 1.7% chance of landing the top pick.

*Initial thought: I like Mayo at #3, but if I’m running this organization, I listen to offers for the pick.  I’d be open to moving down in the top 10.  If no offers jump out at me, though, I’d take Mayo and would be completely satisfied with that selection.  No question in my mind he’s the best player available after Rose and Beasley are off the board.

*I’m not as high on Lopez as some rubes are.  Would much prefer Mayo — my feeling is that, when you’re slotted so high in the draft, you’re making a huge mistake if you don’t go BPA with your pick.  Mayo is a game-changer, and I think he’d be a great fit — even though a Lopez-Jefferson front course is enticing.

*I’m checking out for the evening…thanks for following along tonight! 

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