Mailbag Time In The City


mailbag.jpgInvitation to the Mailbag Party…

Time for the next TWolvesblog Open Mailbag for anyone that is
interested in sending any questions and/or thoughts, and I’ll anwer
them as soon as I get a sufficient amount of submissions. Don’t be
afraid to send stuff in (I don’t want to have to make stuff up!) Heck,
I promise that I’ll even answer them all… I’m like an Equal
Opportunity Employer.

I know, I know.  It’s Cucumber Season.  But that’s no excuse to not send in some insightful and thought provoking questions!  We’ve got some of the best forum members around (and lots of lurkers too), so you guys should be able to throw something at me… right?  Honestly, I’m not going to try and kid anyone about their being a ton of NBA stuff going on right now, so send in questions to anything you ever wanted to know.  Also, we are in the middle of Olympic Basketball, which is a pretty darn good topic.  The Wolves roster is a perpetual conundrum, who plays and how much?  Are we going to sign Chris Richard?  Is Kevin Love going to suck?  Is OJ Mayo going to be r0xxer next season?  The more you send me, the better the mailbag… the
possibilities are endless!

Or you can just email me and tell me that I suck.  It’s all good.

Email all inquiries/Mail Bag questions/comments/hate mail to:

College Wolf

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