McCants compares himself to reading the Bible

Rashad McCants has launched his new site and, as far as player sites go, it’s fairly comprehensive and done really well. Regardless of one’s feelings on the player, the site is definitely something worth checking out if only for the amusement and entertainment factors. Below are a few highlights from various sections of the site:
Once you open it up and start to read it, you find out things that you’ve never really seen or heard before. And I think that really describes me." – Rashad McCants, comparing himself to reading The Bible 
His tattoos:

My greatest analogy for tattoos is that life is pain…
Just remember the motto: Swagger is everything!!!! 
And perhaps the best part, a section devoted to his poetry. Check out an excerpt from "Love Thief":
I’m not a Grinch that stole love but I’m a thief with no love.
Eyes bright like city lights when she enters my life.
Every morning after yawning we make love to sweet nothing and birds chirping.
My tongue lurking for that spot that says stop and makes ya mouth drop.   
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