Musings of a Wolves Fan… (11/29/08)

Musings of a Wolves Fan (11.29.08)
vs. Denver Nuggets

Season Record: 4-11

Wolves 97 – Denver Nuggets 106

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Well, overall it was a fun night, despite the fact that the Wolves dropped yet another game.  Granted, I don’t think most Wolves fans expected us to win this game coming off a back-to-back anyways.  We are still looking for our first two game winning streak of the season, but were denied again tonight.  I’m not sure that many people still consider the hated, worthless, piece of crap Denver Thuggets Denver Nuggets our heated rivals, but they took us to the woodshed nonetheless.  If there is ever a team I want us to beat, this is the one.  Granted, I wouldn’t have minded us starting off the season 0-15 for the sole fact that Randy Wittman get fired, but alas, that is not going to happen.  So instead, in the deep, dark recesses of my heart, I was hoping we could win this one.  But because I have so little confidence in this inconsistent team, I actually bet Bonk that we would still lose the game, even after we had jumped out to a 9-0 lead.  From then out, it was all downhill from there.  The Wolves didn’t play enough defense, committed waaay too many fouls and turnovers, and generally couldn’t play up to the level of the better team.  Chauncey Billups has completely turned around the atmosphere/attitude/culture of this team since the trade, as they have gone 10-3 since his arrival.  He’s exactly the type of PG that George Karl needed to run his offense, and gets the other players on that roster involved.  I thought they would miss the playoffs going into this season, but after the trade they are a completely different team.

For a few reasons, its going to be hard for me to break down the X’s and O’s of this game not that I ever do that anyways, god knows I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. 1) Bonk, myself, and two buddies partook in Power Hour before the game.  If you don’t know what this is, that’s probably a good thing.  If you are young and impressionable with an inquisitive mind, I suggest you participate in this activity with Apple Juice.  It will be better for you in the long run.  2)  As usual, the crowd was just absolutely pathetic for a Saturday night sparse, at best.  So the four of us moved down 5 rows behind the Thuggets bench.  These are some prime seats.  It’s also where we sat for the Phoenix Suns game.  This entire row is empty pretty much every game, as we think they are probably some corporate seats that never get used.  (My guess is Enron bought this row back 2000.)  Anyways, its slightly harder to see the entire court and the nuances of the game from this sight line.  Not that I am complaining, as I love observing the other team’s bench from approximatley 20 feet away.  Anyways, their bench would inexplicably stand up (and remain standing) for large parts of the game.  That made it hard for us to see half the court.  Thus, I have my excuse for the lack of analyzation of tonight’s game.  The Nuggets got bored Wolves stormed back at the end of the fourth quarter and made the final score somewhat close, although in my opinion, the final score was not indicitive of how badly they outplayed us.

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– First off, Randy Foye played pretty good tonight.  Even though I’m perpetually down on him, he has played better since the first 5 or so games of this season.  His shots seem to be dropping, and he is limiting his awful turnovers.  He’s dropping Helpers at a decent rate, and his defense has remained a steady “average at best.”  That’s actually somewhat of a compliment, as his defense in the past was usually somewhere between “god awful” and “seriously effing horrible.”  My dream is that he and Telfair both grow six to eight inches so that we can play Telfair at PG and Foye at SG.  Assuming that doesn’t happen, well then… draft Ricky Rubio I guess.

– I said this a while back, but does anyone else notice how much better this team is when McCants isn’t playing?  The ball movement, defense, and shot selection are all better.   I know, we lost again tonight.  However, it was readily apparent the last few games when McCants was out with his “lower back injury.”  Personally, I was hoping it would turn into a reaccuring degenerative disk condition, but that’s probably too much to ask.  If we could just somehow remove him from our team and not have to pay his salary, I would be the happiest man in the world.  I wouldn’t even care that we don’t get any compensation.  A textbook example of Addition By Subtraction.

– As Marshawn Lynch would say, Big Al has entered BEAST MODE the past few games.  Just another ho-hum 20 points and 13 boards for Jefferson.

– Ryan Gomes was awwwwwwweeeessssssoooooommmmme!!!!111!!111 solid again tonight.  He’s easily one of our top overall players, when all facets of the game are taken into consideration.  Was an impressive 3 of 4 from long range tonight.  I like how he has expanded his arsenal.  He should be playing primarily SF, but god knows Wittman can’t figure that out.

– I vaguely remember someone named Jason Collins starting the game.  Apparently the boxscore corroborates this observation.  He played 18 minutes too many, and had 2 points, 2 assists, and 0 rebounds.  If you don’t believe me, check out how much he sucks.

– One day after hitting his buzzer beating game winner, Mike Miller had probably his worst game as a T-Wolf.  He went 2 of 10 from the field and largely did nothing else of note.  Believe me, if I can’t remember an event, it wasn’t important.

– Craig Smith must have feasted on the same meal of crappiness as did Miller, as he had a lackluster game after some very solid performances the past few days.  4 points (2 of 7 FG) and 4 rebounds, along with 5 fouls = CW Jr. shaking his little head in disgust.

– I honestly just noticed for the first time tonight that Wittman played 12 men tonight.  Granted, Carney and Cardinal just had a few garbage minutes… but #()$@!!! We seemed to be doing alright when he inexplicably shortened the rotation last week!  Damnit!  I thought he was finally onto what everyone has been screaming for to happen (that being a shorter rotation.)  Sigh.  Maybe some day. 

– Looking at the boxscore, I see that Brewer shot only 2 of 6.  Hmmm.  Either my mind is gone (possible) or the boxscore is wrong (probably unlikely.)  I could have sworn he hit a bunch of jumpers tonight.  We need to see more from our former lottery pick, but at the same time, he needs more minutes for this to happen.  Kind of a Catch-22 there.

– Crap.  The boxscore says Sebastian Telfair played pretty poorly.  I still think he’s got a higher ceiling as our potential Point Guard of the Future (compared to Foye), but now he is going to get ripped apart by casual fans because he only shot 1 of 8 from the field tonight, and only had 3 assists in 25 minutes.  Right or wrong, I stand by my assertions that he could be a great “pure PG” in the NBA someday.  C’mon, he’s only 23 years old.

– At the moment McCants entered the game, I knew all hope of winning the game was lost.  He only played 6 minutes, but somehow miraculously managed to jack up 5 shots.  He also had a turnover and 2 fouls.  Ummm ok.  Nice work buddy.

– Kevin Love had his first double-double of his career with 18 points and 12 boards tonight.  The numbers will say that he had a good game, but after watching him through the first 15 games this season I can confidentally say he wasn’t “Top 3 Overall Pick” material.  He is just so unathletic and slow out there on the court.  Some players “have it” and some don’t.  I won’t say Love doesn’t have it completely, but he’ll never be an All-Star (or even “pretty good”) player at this rate. The only thing that redeems this trade is if Mayo somehow crashes down to Earth… and quickly.  Some fans are probably sick of me continually harping on this trade and/or not having any much faith in Love.  However, all I will point to is the fact that I hoped and prayed we would land Mayo; and needless to say he’s currently averaging 21.4 points per game while shooting over 46% from the field.  Before tonight and in his last 7 games, Love was 13 of 46 from the field, and averaging like 6 points and 4 rebounds per game.  The worst thing about this trade is this:  most times when fans complain about something like a blown draft pick they say: “Oh, we had a chance to draft ‘Player X’ but we passed him up. I wish we would have drafted him instead.” In this case, I was hoping we could draft Mayo, we did… and then we traded him. That’s why this is all so rough. If we had the fifth pick in the last draft, and simply drafted Love straight up, none of this would be so hard to handle.

– The Nuggets are good, Carmelo is a stud…. there isn’t much to say about them.  And frankly who cares anyways.  The only Nuggets I like are Balkman, Anthony Carter, Billups (somewhat), and their dreadlocked strength and conditioning coach, Steve Hess.  Now THAT dude is a stud.  If you know who I’m talking about, then you will agree with me.  If you don’t know who I’m talking about, then I will pray for you.

– George Karl is starting to rival Andy Reid for the prestigious title of being the fattest coach in history sports.

– After his two year layoff for his dependence on PCP Coke Crack Weed Angel Dust Heroine Meth NotSteroids Ecstasy LSD Opium Smack “banned substances”, I must admit the Birdman Anderson played somewhat well.  All things considered, he’s not really that bad of a player, and can help a team like the Nuggets.  I liked his defense and rebounding.  He had a MONSTER block on Love at one point that made me cry out like I was being squeezed by Reggie Evans.

– Ok, one last nugget of information (hahahaha pun intended) on the night, before I close up shop.  J.R. Smith has got to be one of the absolute biggest cancers in the entire NBA.  He is right up there with Marbury and McCants (in my opinion, of course.)  I have no idea why the Nuggets resigned this clown.  He’s been known to completely disregard everything going on not pay a lot of attention to things happening on the court, but I think tonight takes the cake.  I’m not sure if he was mad because he only played 7 minutes or what, but that doesn’t explain why he didn’t pay attention to anything the entire night.  When the Nuggets would call a timeout, he’d stay sitting in his chair at the end of the bench, while everyone else got up and went to the huddle.  He wasn’t listening or anything.  He was sitting there like a gargoyle. I mean, we had an excellent view from 20 feet away or whatever we were.  He wasn’t talking to anyone or paying attention to anything going on for almost the entire game.  Also, the Nuggets had this Assistant Coach/Pyschiatric Counselor that would periodically go over and sit by him to try talking with him, and/or to try motivating him (or something… only god knows.)  Did that work?  Hell no.  He would just turn his head and continue to ignore him.  It was odd, to say the least.  However, to be fair he did watch every single video that was played over the jumbotron very attentively.  I guess I should give him some credit for that.

– The listed attendance was 14,107.  I guarantee there were not that many people at Target Center tonight.  That place has become a morgue.  Seriously, I somewhat whisper when talking to Bonk because I don’t want people to overhear me, out of fear they yell at me and tell me to shut up.

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