No word on whether Garnett will show on Friday

According to’s  "Post Ups Notebook," Garnett said the following in response to a question about his possible presence at Target Center:

"Doc (Rivers) said he wanted to talk to me later on, but we haven’t
even thought about that. I think the priority here is to focus on
what’s wrong with me and try to get it better. It’s hard for me to
watch my guys out there playing without me. I’ll be honest, I can’t
really watch a lot of games. I watch them in the back and that’s hard
for me. I’m dealing with it. I’m trying to have a good attitude and be
a good samaritan at the same time."
Boston’s trip to Minnesota was expected to be a dramatic homecoming for
Garnett, but KG won’t play Friday. He may not even travel with the team
to Minnesota. That’s not something he’s handling easily.
“That’s a given,” Garnett said when asked if he wished he could play
Friday. “You all can come up with an answer with yourselves. This
picture is just bigger than one or two days, or what’s around the

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