Rivers on KG playing this week: I think that’s out of the question

In all likelihood, ten-time All-Star Kevin Garnett will have to sit out
what would have been his return franchise he helped build.
The Celtics travel to Minnesota Friday, a little more than a week after
Garnett went one-on-one with Sebastian Telfair and hit the parquet in
order to come up with the game-clinching steal, but came up wincing.
He hasn’t played since, sitting out with what the Celtics call an
abdominal strain. And as far as the possibility of him playing this
week, Celtics coach Doc Rivers said, “I think that’s out of the
Rivers is still tossing around the idea of even bringing the Wolves
all-time leader in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks along
for the trip.
“That’s a special situation,” Rivers said. “If he’s not going to play, I don’t know if you bring him or not.”
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