Rooting for Turbo


If you attend Wolves games and can hear anything shouted from Section 124, you may hear the frequent encouragement for a certain Wolves player a few of us like to call "Turbo".  Some coworkers of mine who happen to be fans of the 1980s break-dancing movie Breakin’ noticed that a certain rookie Timberwolf has an uncanny resemblance to the character "Turbo".  As we all have season tickets, we have started vocally supporting the nickname.  In our section, the nickname is starting to stick.  At the Gameworks ticket-holder event, my coworker informed the player of his resemblence.  The response – "Breakin’, eh?  I might have to check that one out."  I now present the evidence to you (and invite you to see this):

Here’s Turbo:


If you need further evidence, please click read ahead.


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