Taylor says new logo and new uniforms next year

An excerpt from a letter to season ticket holders from Wolves owner Glen Taylor:
Development of players like Al Jefferson and Randy Foye, the ability to learn and grow throughout the season and building a sense of pride in playing every minute of every game demonstrates that our team is making progress.  We are teaching our young team to play the right way.  When you take this growth and look at the increased flexibility we will enjoy over the next twelve months in terms of first round picks (3) and salary cap room, I think our future is bright indeed.
Additionally, next year we will celebrate the Timberwolves 20th season.   Twenty years since professional basketball returned to Minnesota.  To celebrate, we have some exciting events and activities in the works, including changes to our existing logos and brand new uniforms for the team.  Next season promises to be full of fond remembrances as we look back at twenty years while at the same time we launch into a brand new era for Timberwolves basketball.


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