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  College Wolf’s Open Mailbag…


I’m stoked to be bringing this to you all again.  Thanks in advance to everyone that submitted questions for this edition of the Mailbag.  Keep em coming and I will gladly answer.  Anyhow, as usual there is a very diverse variety of topics from: HOW do we improve this team’s future, Does Chris Richard have a place in our team’s future, Foye or McCants, Big Al vs KG, NBA2K 2008, Baron “The Bearded One” Davis, the hotter supermodel, and… Who Wins a Timberwolves Royal Rumble!  Until next time…

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Question for mailbag: Which Timberwolves player would you take in a Royal Rumble, old-school WWF style? Remember, this is last man standing. No holds barred.

– Mike T., St. Louis Park

CW:  Awesome.  Not only will I answer this question to the full extent of my ability, but I will gladly elaborate.  I assume the Royal Rumble would just be amongst our own team, otherwise the majority of our guys would get owned by a plethora of players from other teams in the NBA.  With that said, here is how I would rank our team (from most likely to get pummeled into a bloody pulp within 4 seconds, to my choice for winner):

Michael Doleac:  Do I even need to explain why the “Pale Pacifist” is my absolute last choice?  Yeah, he’s tall… but he wobbles when he runs.   I don’t think I’ve seen him display any emotion yet this season, nor do I think he’s actually capable of punching another human being.  His best attribute is perhaps the amount of sympathy that he will garner from the other Rumblers.
Greg Buckner:  His stage name would be something inherently corny… maybe like “Bucky”, or “The Buckster.”  Someone with a name like that has no chance of survival in a Royal Rumble.
Corey Brewer:  It looks like his ankles could snap under his body weight at any moment, so what makes you think poor “Turbo” has a chance to win a fight mano a mano against someone like The Rhino or Chris Richard?  
Randy Foye:  The “Melancholy Midget” is widely known as a great character guy that doesn’t get into fights or start drama.  That won’t help you here my friend.
Mark Madsen:  The “MAD Dawg” has some size and… well, that’s about it really.  In retrospect, he’s a lover, not a fighter.
Sebastian Telfair:  He’d be the “Brooklyn Bamboozler” and ummm… I dunno; maybe annoy the other guys by running around them in circles because he’s the quickest one.  To be frank, his background might suggest he’d be good in this sort of “competition”, but he’s just waaaay too small.  If he had say, Snyder or McCant’s body he’d be a lock for the final four.
Marko Jaric:  Everything the “Gigolo” does off the court is pretty pimptastic, however; I think he’ll bow out early so that he doesn’t mess up his face for Adriana.
Ryan Gomes:  He’s got the size, but I don’t think he’s got the mean streak.  Plus, “Gomes4MVP” is going to be a first time dad soon, so he shouldn’t be running around getting into fights.
The Toine:  “The People’s Paunch” could have a decent run, depending on how well he picks and chooses his individual battles.  His greatest asset is the ability to absorb body shots from the other Rumblers.
Rashad McCants:  If he was taller, I’d really like his chances.  Still, the “Mercurial Marauder” has a puncher’s chance (pun intended) to do well in the Rumble.  One thing going for him is the fact that, by and large, our team is not much of a “fighting” team.  Secondly, he’s already got the glare down solidly.  Thirdly, well, I dunno… would you want to fight him?
Al Jefferson:  If I would have gotten this question earlier in the season, there’s no way I would have placed “Big Al the Bludgeoner” this high in the Rumble.  However, over the course of the season you’ve seen him develop a mean streak of sorts.  Not in a bad way, mind you.  But more like “Give me the damn ball down low because no one can stop me, and maybe just maybe, we’ll win this game!”  Also, he’s got the size and some pretty broad shoulders.  I like his chances.
Kirk Snyder:  I’m not sure what it is, but “I Got Traded for Gerald Green???” just looks like he’d succeed in this sort of thing.  He’s compactly built and looks like he’s ready to throw down at any given time.  Plus, he’s the only guy on our team that has been ejected from a game for any reason.  You can’t discount that.  
Craig Smith:  If anyone will give Chris Richard a run for his money, it would definitely be “The Rhino.”  I mean, he’s already got a nickname that fits, so I don’t even have to make up a contrived alliteration for him!  If he was just a bit taller than 6’6” his chances would go up exponentially.  
Chris Richard:  Does anyone else have a bigger chip on their shoulder than the “Corn-rowed Crusher?”  I mean, he doesn’t get to ever play meaningful minutes, yet we literally have no other Centers on our team.  Can’t you just see him pummeling poor little Buckner in the corner of the ring and just yelling at him: “I Can’t Believe I Got Sent To The D-League!”  Whack Whack Whack.  “I Even Had To Ride With McHale To South Dakota In A Minivan” Bam Whack Whack Bam “They Called Me Up For What..” Whack Jab Smack “…3 Straight DNP’s!  Argh I Kill You Now Bucky!”  Plus, he’s the biggest overall dude on our team.  Craig Smith is probably stronger, but he doesn’t have Richard’s size or reach.  Also, as outlined above, never underestimate a man ready to explode with pent-up frustration.  Since he doesn’t get to take it out on opponents by actually playing in games, he needs to release it somehow.  What better way than a friendly team Royal Rumble?  

Part of me wishes that you would have asked which person from the Wolves Organization  I would take in a Royal Rumble, because then I could have said all kinds of funny things about Wittman and Taylor as reasons for why they would be my second and third worst choices (sorry Doleac.)  If I had to pick a winner of a NBA League-wide Royal Rumble, isn’t the winner unquestionably Ron Artest?  I mean, he’s not the biggest (Shaq), strongest (Dwight Howard), or fattest (Eddy Curry); but the man is certifiably INSANE.  I wouldn’t step foot in the ring with Ron Artest for 8 Gazillion dollars.  That’s not even counting the fact that it’s a “no holds barred, last man standing” contest.  He’d devour most NBA players in a matter of seconds.  The scary thing is that he’d probably enjoy it a bit too much.

In your opinion, what is the one single thing (certain trade, drafting a certain player, a specific free
agent pickup, hiring new GM or coach, new marketing plan, etc., anything really) that gives the
Timberwolves the best chance of success in the next 5 years both on the court as well as off the court
(financial stability, increasing fan base, the ability to stay in MN, etc.)?

– Roundhouse

CW:  That’s the problem with this team… there is NO single one thing that could ever hope to turn this moribund franchise around.  However, I’ll be a good sport and go with your scenario.  If I had to pick ONE (and only one) single thing… I’d have to say this year’s draft.  This is our best chance at getting an impact player(s) through the draft that we’ve had in the past 12 years.  We should have a Top 5 pick at the very least, and that’s only if the lottery luck completely kills us.  If we are able to get a Top 2 pick (Beasley or Rose), that’s going to be great for our rebuilding.  However, as we all often discuss in the forums, we’ve have probably the first two picks in the second round (ours and Miami’s via Ricky Davis/Bount/Antoine Walker trade.)  Those picks are gold because there are still good players available.  More importantly, they do not get paid guaranteed contracts so oftentimes teams that are over the luxury tax want to trade down and out of the first round.  Here is where were should consolidate and utilize those assets to the best of our Front Office’s ability (granted that’s not saying a whole lot, I realize that.)  If we can trade one or both of those picks (along with any players) to move up back into the first round, that would be ideal.  The Front Office should be targeting two or three specific impact players that we could theoretically trade up for in addition to our high lottery pick.  I won’t throw out names because things can change, but check out ( to get an idea of who’s available.  The ideal scenario is that we get a Top 2 pick, and are also able to trade up for an additional lottery pick.  That could go a long way to drastically and quickly improving our future prospects for winning.

Yo CW,

How come no one ever gives any love to my man B-Diddy in that bi-weekly “Blogger MVP Voting” thing a bunch of you guys do?  I’ve read your forums and noticed that you vote for him like every time which is pretty awesome for you at least. Props to GS they goin to the playoffs this year!

–  A Warriors Fan

CW:  A dang good question.  If anyone is wondering what he’s talking about, here is a link to the latest edition of the “Bloggers MVP/ROY Rankings.”  To tell you the truth, I’m not sure why The Bearded One isn’t getting more accolades for his contributions.  My best guess is that because they are fighting for the 8th seed in the West, rather than the best record in the league.  Still, you would think that’s worth at least a few “Top 10” MVP votes every now and then.  Personally, he’s probably about 7th or 8th on my ballot, but that doesn’t explain why the Bloggers (and national media) as a whole aren’t feeling him.  Considering the ultra tough Western Conference (hence perhaps missing the playoffs), here are Baron’s stats:

–  13th in points per game (22)
–  7th in assists per game (8.0)
–  2nd in steals per game (2.54)
–  7th in minutes per game (39.4)
–  12th in rebounds per game amongst Guards (4.7)
–  20th in efficiency (22.9)
–  33rd in Double-Doubles (15)

Obviously those stats aren’t worthy of being the MVP, but I don’t see how he’s not even in the discussion.  Mind boggling.

Name the top 5 priorities for the Wolves in the next two off-seasons…


–  Disgruntled Twolves fan

CW:  As detailed in “Roundhouse’s” question above, I believe the #1 priority is how they manage this off-season’s draft.  It is imperative to identify 2 or 3 key players and “push the chips all in” so to speak, to acquire said players.  There will be a lot of good players available in the mid to late first round, that could be had by moving up thanks to our two high second round picks (and/or by current trading players as well.)   Of course, it will help exponentially if we are able to land one of the top 2 picks.  Not having a Top 2 pick hurts, but is not the end of the world.  A Top 5 pick should still net us a very good player.  I really like the Gallinari kid out of Italy, as well as Donte Greene.  Ty Lawson, Jerryd Bayless, and Eric Gordon aren’t horrible options at pick 5, 6, or 7.  One guy I would definitely stay away from with a Top 5 pick is Brook Lopez.  That would be too much of a reach taking him that high.

2)  I think the second most important thing is figuring out which of our free agents to re-sign:  

– Sebastian Telfair:  At this point yes.  He has shown he can play and is still only 22 years old.  He’s easily been our best option at PG all season long.
– Ryan Gomes:  110% definitely yes.  If we don’t, it will break my heart.  I’m waiting for us to sign him so I can go out and finally get a pimp Gomes jersey.
– Craig Smith: I wouldn’t re-sign him unless he’s relatively inexpensive.  My thoughts are that some time will offer him more than he’s worth, perhaps somewhere around $4 million per season.  He’s an undersized backup and his skills are redundant when on the same team with Gomes.
– Kirk Snyder:  Um, no.
– Michael Doleac:  Haha, that’s funny.

3)  Figuring out what to do with Antoine Walker’s (aka The Toine) soon to be expiring contract.  I most definitely would NOT buy him out unless he is willing to accept no more than 20% of the remaining dollars owed to him.  However, it does not sound like he is willing to give up much money in a buyout.  If we keep him around until next season, his contract will soon become infinitely valuable as an expiring contract next season.  Our Front Office did not utilize Theo’s contract in a trade, instead opted to “use the money to re-sign our players”, which most fans should know was pretty bogus.  He will be very valuable to a team looking to dump salary at next year’s trade deadline, and unlike this season, we should look into moving him to improve our team.  Regardless of what the Wolves end up doing (buyout or no buyout), I hope we keep him around for the sole fact that I will be able to refer to him “Antoine Walker’s Expiring Contract.”  A part of me is lost now that I can no longer refer to Theo Ratliff in that capacity.

4)  New Front Office!  Ok, we know there won’t be a mass purging of the Front Office.  Soooo… I’d settle for a new coach (entire staff?) instead.  Is that too much to ask for?  Does University of Indiana still want to sign (Dim)Wittman to that $10 million dollar contract?  Can’t someone get them on the phone?  That would be the best Christmas present ever.  It’s not too much to ask for, is it?

5)  New Dance Team.  For the most part, I think our dancers are collectively… “Uninspiring.”  C’mon, show the players and fans that you really care about the product you are paying for.  One thing though… the Dance Coach, Abby LaDuke, should most definitely STAY.

We’re going to use next year’s Minnesota Timberwolves team.  However, for the sake of not allowing you a creative trade scenario situation, next year’s team is unfortunately identical to this year’s team except for: (a) Kirk Snyder is replaced with one of the top 4 picks (let’s also assume McHale is not going to take a shooting guard/small forward); (b) all 8 of our second rounders are sent to the D-League; (c) Doleac decides to go to medical school so he can one day operate on his own knees; and (d) until you answer the question, Foye and McCants are both somehow released and happen to be the only two free-agent basketball players in the world.  So, in this world the Wolves have one roster spot left and McHale leaves it up to you to have to select either Foye or McCants to not only fill that spot, but also to start all of the 2008-2009 season and be on the roster for the next four years total.  McCants and Foye will begin next year both physically healthy and with all skills and development they would gain in a typical NBA offseason and you are somehow guaranteed that they will play the entire season without injury.  So, Foye or McCants?

–  The Old Logo

CW:  Oh wow, what a conundrum.  In an ideal world, McCants would have never been drafted (Granger please!) and Foye would have already been traded for Allen Iverson.   As we all know, neither of those transactions happened (for whatever reasons.)  Just so you know: facing me with this most unlikely of scenarios makes me want to break down in tears.

Still, it is a very intriguing question.  I’ve already reached my conclusion (which blows my mind), but I’ll lay out the thoughts before I say who I’d take.  

–  Foye is not a PG.  We all know this from what we’ve seen this season.  Granted, I knew it since last year, but that’s water under the bridge.  Would the Wolves survive without Foye?  Well, hopefully we re-sign Telfair which would help.  Also, due to our craptastic record we’ve got a great chance at landing the best PG in college record (Derrick Rose) in the upcoming draft, should the Wolves go that route.

–  McCants is a volume shooter.  Don’t we already have too many undersized shooting guards on this team?  Yes, yes we do.  So, could we live without McCants hogging minutes (and shots)?  

–  Injuries.  It’s nice that you are giving me the luxury of guaranteeing their health over the next four years.  That actually makes my decision harder.  The reason being that who knows how Foye will rebound from his current “kneecap” injury.  McCants also had microfracture surgery (as we all know), but looks like he’s rebounded from it and appears healthy this season.  It was rough going at first, but for better or worse, he’s back.  He’s shown us his old explosiveness, while no one really knows if Foye is 100% healthy right now or not.  Then again, according to your question I shouldn’t be factoring in their health anyways.  

–  Attitude.  McCants has a pretty sourly attitude and ego.  It’s obvious that he thinks he’s great.  He complains incessantly and looks like an idiot out there on the court when he’s whining about every foul that goes against him.  Foye is thought to be a good character guy, and to his credit he rarely complains out on the court.  I didn’t think Foye had an ego, but he has made some interesting comments this season in regards to him coming back from injury.  When asked how he was doing he said “Don’t worry, you’ll know when I’m back.”  Also, the Wolves won the first two games after Foye’s return, and he was proclaiming “2-0”, like it was because of his greatness or something.  I guess every NBA player needs to have a little attitude/ego to succeed at the highest level, and Foye’s is far lesser of an evil than McCants’s.

–  Who brings more to the table?  If Foye isn’t playing PG on our team, having him and McCants is redundant being that they both play the same position and have similar game.  Neither is the greatest three-point shooter, but Foye has been shooting trey’s well lately, while McCants has been struggling mightily.  Neither can pass the ball, but they could be decent passers if they worked on it.  Both also display bad defense.  Foye can’t keep his man in front of him, and falls for every ball fake in the book.  McCants is probably a better man defender, but he can’t lay off the stupid fouls.  Neither player really stands out better than the other.

I think if I had to choose one player to have for the next four years (ugh), AND start all of the 2008-09 season, I’d go with…  Rashad McCants.  I know, I can hardly believe I’m saying it myself.  I’m honestly sitting here in shock and wondering if I shouldn’t just delete this entire question out of the mailbag.  My thought process is this:

–  We can resign Telfair.  Doing so reduces our need for a PG.  Foye sucks at PG anyways.  Even if we don’t resign Telfair, we have a very good chance at landing Derrick Rose in the draft.  Either one of those options SHOULD happen, thusly making Foye redundant.  If we were to draft Michael Beasley, on the other hand, he doesn’t play PG or SG… so he doesn’t really factor into this discussion.   

–  McCants is a better scorer than Foye.  In fact, he’s probably our best “pure” wing scorer, and is actually very capable of getting his own shot off in most situations.  The problem with him is getting him to take “good” shots.  Before the Cleveland game, he has been shooting approximately 50% from the field for the month of February.  Foye, on the other hand, is a terrible shooter.  He’s in the low 30’s this season back from injury, with his highest season percentage being around 43%, which is still bad.

–  McCants is more explosive and is actually capable of getting to the free-throw line when he wants too.  I wish he would do it more often (and shoot less 3’s!), because the Wolves are desperate for a guy that can slash to the hoop and draw contact.

–  Foye hasn’t been in the league as long as McCants, and is actually a year older.  Foye will be 25 in September and McCants will be 24 (for the record.)  From watching McCants play, it does appear that he could still break something new out on any given occasion, while (to me), it looks like Foye has shown us what he’s got.  I could be wrong, but where is Foye’s “untapped” potential that everyone speaks of?  He played four years of college and is going to be 25.  Aren’t you supposed to draft four year college players because theoretically they have reached their potential and you know what you’re getting with them?  I just don’t see it with Foye.  I can’t imagine he’ll ever get significantly better, or develop some new stuff we haven’t seen yet.

–  Neither one can really pass or play defense, so that’s a moot point.

–  McCants is my least favorite player on the team, but Foye is my second least favorite player… so that didn’t count against McCants too much.  

–  I hate McCants’s horrible attitude, but I don’t really have many other options when forced to choose between him or Foye.  I guess when it comes down with it, the Wolves are better off with Telfair or Rose + McCants, than they are with Foye + whoever else would play SG for us.  I can hardly believe it myself, but I do think I’d take McCants.  

Great question, I enjoyed the description of my parameters and it really made me think.

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CW:  Oops.  I don’t think that was directed towards my mailbag.  Regardless… I am the luckiest person in the world!  A random email drawing that I didn’t even have to sign up for, netting me a cool One Million EURO!?!?  Niiiiice, I can’t wait to collect.  Maybe I can buy like 1/200th share of the Wolves with the money.  I’ll get Glen on the phone and get back to ya’ll.

With the state that the t-wolves are in (horrid), and with the head office saying that they wont do any major trades this season, what do you think next season will be like? I hope that they resign Telfair and
Gomes, and ratty. But the chances of them doing something valuable like that is slim. Yes, I am a huge fan a diehard fan, but its getting kind of hard and depressing to be a t-wolves fan these days. So what do you think our team is going to be like next year? I just hope we manage to get rose in the draft, because i know we can get if Seattle gets him, I know we can do a trade for him them.

– Mad dog 04

CW:  Whatever you do, don’t jump.  I repeat, step away from the ledge!  I assure you, you are not the only depressed/disgruntled/suicidal/etc Wolves fan at the moment.  All joking aside, I think our future could be pretty bright, if we get a few breaks along the way and our Front Office listens to at least some of my five ideas for fixing the team, as detailed above (to “Disgruntled Wolves Fan’s” question.)  I think there is a very good chance that the Wolves will re-sign both Telfair and Gomes if the prices are right.  Telfair is an unrestricted free agent, which means he can go anywhere.  Gomes is restricted, which means we can match any offer.  However, if any team offers either of those guys the full Mid-Level Exception (a little bit more than $6 million per year), I don’t think they’ll be back.   I’d be all for bringing them both back, hopefully they could both be re-signed for a max of $4 million or so each.  Sadly, as we all now know, Theo will not indeed be back.  Hopefully they can find a young via draft or trade to replace him alongside Al going into the future.

As for what the team will be like next season, I wouldn’t expect playoffs (especially not in the STACKED Western Conference), but if we make some smart moves in regards to re-signing players and have a great draft, there is no reason to think we can’t be a very competitive team.  Plus, all our young guys will have another off-season under their belts and more experience.  It’s not super enthralling, but I could so 30 or so wins in the best case scenario.  Then again, I’m not sure that’s truly our “best case scenario” because we wouldn’t be looking at a very good draft pick in that situation… but to each their own.

Does Chris Richard have a future with this team? I don’t see him getting any playing time but he seems talented.

– Christopher R. Singh

CW:   If I would have been answering this a week ago, I would have been inclined to say “No”, based on how the coaching staff was using him (lots and lots of DNP’s), as well as the Front Office’s comments about Theo Ratliff getting paired with Big Al out on the court, to “see what they could do together” the rest of the season.  Hooooowever, after Theo’s buyout circa last Thursday night, I would say it’s a definite “We’ll have to wait and see.”  As much as I want to, I can’t say “Yes, for sure” he has a future with our team. 

Here are some potential problems he has going against him, in regards to carving out a future with the T-Wolves:

1) Roster space:  The Wolves have a nearly full roster; however there are expiring contracts (Gomes, Telfair, Craig Smith, Doleac, and Snyder) and some of those guys will not be back.  As a second round pick, Richard has a cheap option for next season that I would expect gets picked up.
2) Lots of upcoming draft picks:  The Wolves have their own first round pick and two second rounders during this upcoming draft.  They are also owed first round picks by the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat within the next three years, along with their own 1st rounders (minus the one pick owed to the LA Clippers in the Marko Jaric deal.)  I would expect most of those players to make the squad.
3) Too raw offensively:  At the NBA level, Richard has displayed little to no offensive ability… which is why he was sent to the D-League earlier this season.  However, if his defense is good enough, that along should be reason enough for him to make the squad as a much needed “big.”

Hey CW. I am a long time listener, long time reader making my first comments on Twolvesblog. I live in Alaska so I don’t get out much but I did find some pictures of Kobe wearing the old skool shorts. Do you think the nut huggers will be coming back to the NBA soon?
Also, who do you think will have had a better career with the T-puppies. The Big Ticket or Big Al

–  Street_Credit

CW:  Thanks for the question all the way from Alaska, good to have you at TWB.  As for your first question, dear god I pray that the “nut huggers” NEVER come back to the NBA.  We all lose when we have to see and experience the players wearing those bad boys.  I honestly cannot believe that Kobe Bryant, of all players, agreed to wear the nut huggers an entire half of a basketball game.  He’d be one of the last guys I would think would ever agree to voluntarily wear them.  What a weird “throwback” night that was.  As I said, we all lost.

As for your second question… that is very interesting.  I guess it depends on how one would define having a “better career.”  Some people think a good career is defined by statistics, while others think a good career is defined by winning.  Obviously, the answer lies somewhere in between.  Also, it’s hard to compared a 13 year former MVP to a young guy in his 4th year, but we’ll try.

If Big Al is able to lead the Wolves to a NBA championship, I think that would make Al the choice.  However, the Western Conference is absolutely STACKED right now, and looks to be for quite some time.  Teams such as the Lakers, Portland Blazers, New Orleans Hornets, Utah Jazz, and Golden State Warriors are all pretty young and very good.  So, it will be tough to lead our team to victory over any of these teams in a playoff series, let alone to the NBA title.   If Al doesn’t ever lead the Wolves to a title, you’d have to compare statistics.  Being that KG stuffed the stat lines for 12 years while wearing a Wolves jersey, I’m not sure Al could ever touch his career stats. Al’s having a career year and it’s still below what KG did many years, across the board.  Then again, Jefferson is young and this could just be the beginning of something special.  It’s hard to say for sure.  So, it’s hard to make a guess about something like this at this point in time.  BUT, if I had to choose, I’d probably have to say KG.  However, if Big Al can improbably lead us to a title, I think he’s the choice.  We’ll have to wait and see.

On 2k8 in a series of 2 trades I traded Theo, The Toine, Foye, and 2 1st round picks to Portland for
Raef, Oden, and Roy. I kind of feel cheated, Theo was my boy. Did I get the short end of the stick? And why don’t they make trades like these illegal in video games?
Also who is the hotter Victoria’s Secret Supermodel:
Alessandra Ambrosio or Adriana Lima?


– Roundhouse

CW:  Yeah, you definitely got shorted in those trades.  But don’t feel bad, Portland has a great GM!  Couldn’t you at least have gotten them to somehow throw in Travis Outlaw too?  He’s a stud.  The boy can ball.  But really, didn’t your game erupt into a massive fireball when those trades went through?  I assume you didn’t turn on the filter that allows all trades to go through, so I really have no explanation.  I guess other than making the money match, the game doesn’t really factor in the player rankings much more than making them somewhat match up.  When Randy Foye is the key player getting traded, one has to really wonder what’s going on.  I would think you’d have been overjoyed to get more than Sergio Rodriguez and Von Wafer for him.  Getting Roy AND Oden defies belief.  I am disheartened however, that you did have to trade BOTH The Toine and Theo’s Expiring Corpse for those guys.  Your bench must be in shambles now.   Nevermind the fact that you traded away all your unintentional comedy.  I guess you do what you gotta do.  As long as you don’t brag about how awesome your season is going, it’s probably fine that those trades went through if the trade filter was on.  Video game A.I. can only go so far I guess.  Hopefully that will be corrected by the time the Playstation 8 comes out.

As for the “hotter” supermodel, isn’t that like asking if someone would rather have 400 million dollars or 200 million Euros?  I mean, isn’t it all the same?  Holy crap, those links are crazy hot though.  I guess if I had to choose, I’d go with “Alessandra”, only because I’ve seen pictures of Adriana without makeup on and she’s just not the same.  I haven’t seen any “normal” pictures of Alessandra before, so she’s not yet “tainted” in my eyes.  But again, I really don’t think anyone could go wrong with either.  Thanks, I needed those.


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