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After the worst season in 14 years, Timberwolves fans can still find hope. [image2] 

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How do I even begin to summarize this past Timberwolves season?  I don’t know what words to say.  You see, even though games were played and men ran up and down the court with the name across their chests, it just never felt like "Timberwolves basketball" to me. Something was missing, and I’m sure you all know who that "something" was. 

I know, I know.  The trade took place nearly nine months ago.  It’s old news, and I should be over it.  I know that.  But as much as we all like to tell ourselves that this was "the best thing for our future", that KG is "better off", and that we’ve "moved on", there’s no denying that the Target Center was a shell of its former self this year.  I only got to witness the experience via the television set, and even I could notice the emptiness.  And no matter how much we may try to mask the pain and deny it, that vacuum is a direct result of Kevin Garnett’s departure. 

Kevin Garnett is just a man.  He throws on a pair of sneakers and puts a leather ball through a metal circle.  I’m not here to pass him off as some "savior" or some supernatural force that we should bow down and worship.  In fact, the point I’m trying to make has very little to do with Kevin Garnett, the man.  It has to do with Kevin Garnett, the ideal.  It has to do with what Kevin Garnett represented for this franchise and what this organization has become in the wake of his absence. 

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