Three Cheers for Mailbags

mailbag.jpgInvitation to the Mailbag Party…

Time for the next TWolvesblog Open Mailbag for anyone that is interested in sending any questions and/or thoughts, and I’ll anwer them as soon as I get a sufficient amount of submissions. Don’t be afraid to send stuff in (I don’t want to have to make stuff up!) Heck, I promise that I’ll even answer them all… I’m like an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Well my friends… it’s no longer Cucumber Season.  The NBA season is in full swing and we’re appoximately 35% or so done.  There are almost limitless talking points for our awesome and exciting, uptempo, fan-favorite team, so there’s no excuse for not sending SOMETHING in.  (I guess if your apathy level has reached an all-time high, and you just don’t have the energy to email me, that’s understandable too.)  I mean, we finally fired DimWittman, The Iron Ranger Kevin McFale is now our coach, our roster is a perpetual conundrum, who plays and how much?  OJ Mayo is tearing up the league while KLove is on his way to “Colossal Bust” status, The Celtics are possibly the best team EVER and the Wolves have a 13 game losing streak.  The talking points are endless…  The more you send me, the better the mailbag…

P.S.  If all else fails, just email me some funny Haiku’s.

P.S.S.  Or you can just email me and tell me that I suck.  It’s all good.

Email all inquiries/Mail Bag questions/comments/hate mail to:

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