Whatcha Gonna Do…

…When Kevin Garnett runs wild on you???????????


For those of you without NBA League Pass, I felt that I absolutely had to share this with you.  This is a series of clips that show Kevin Garnett bringing an entire stadium into pandemonium, followed by an outburst of emotion greater than any athlete has ever displayed, followed by a phenomenal team celebration.  Unfortunately there’s no audio, but just imagine an entire stadium gone completely bezerk, and you’ll catch the drift of what’s going down.

Please keep in mind that this all occurred during a regular season NBA game in January.  I repeat, not the NBA playoffs.  January. 

What Kevin Garnett is doing in Boston is something that perhaps no athlete has ever done before.  He has his entire team and fanbase so geared up for every game, that they just come out and decimate every comer.  If you’ve been to an NBA regular season game, you know that intensity level is less than optimum on most nights.  So imagine being the Houston Rockets expecting to walk into your typical away arena filled with casual fans who will occasionally hoot and holler, and then getting smashed upside the head by 25,000 people crammed into a Hummer crusing at 90 miles per hour.  Do you think they even stand a chance?

Look at their faces of the Rockets while Kevin Garnett is doing his thing!  They’re completely shell shocked!  The look on Mike James’ face is priceless.  It’s awe, stupor, and disgust all combined into one. He’s probably wondering where this KG was last season!  I start to wonder that too a bit, but then I remember all the burdens the man had to bear in Minnesota.  This is him, finally set free.  It’s pure beauty, and it’s utterly infectious.  This is Vince McMahon’s dream realized – an all-powerful, ultra-charastmatic superstar, who has the entire crowd eating out of the palm of his hand.  The only thing I can compare it to is Hulkamania at it’s apex.    The only difference is that this is 100% real.  It’s unbelievable!

I wish that this was happening in a Wolves jersey so badly, but the fact that it’s happening at all is just so awesome in itself.  KG is blossoming into something that the world has never seen before, and this is so much bigger than the Wolves, Celtics, and perhaps even the NBA.  This is history – this is Elvis, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Moses – you name it – leading the way and taking us all to the promised land.  This is what sports is all about, people! 

We always knew Garnett had it in him.  Now the world is finally starting to see it as well. There’s no going back from here.  The revolution of "fun" has officially begun!

Derek Hanson

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