Wolves 82, Rockets 113

On Tuesday, against an opponent on its way to its eighth consecutive
loss, the Wolves shared the ball and recorded a season-high 29 assists.
Three days later, they began a two-day Texas swing that concludes
tonight against defending NBA champion San Antonio by surrendering a
season-high 65 points before halftime, trailing by 33 points late in
the second quarter. Wittman attributed the Wolves’ disappearing defense
to his players’ single-mindedness on offense…
Marko Jaric after the loss:

"It’s embarrassing how fast we get satisfied with little things,"
Wolves guard Marko Jaric said. "One stupid victory, one of five for the
year, and we get satisfied. I can’t believe that. We played selfish
basketball. We win a game over Miami and everybody relaxes right away.
It’s embarrassing."
Wolves record: 5-30
The Wolves should know they have to be focused defensively to
have a chance to win. They lack the scoring punch to outscore teams on
most nights.
Entering Friday’s game, they ranked second to last in the NBA in scoring offense with an average of 93.2 points a game.
Their numbers on defense are just as ugly…
12 Al Jefferson’s combined total of points (six) and rebounds (six), by four his lowest combined numbers of the season.


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