Wolves Updates 1/1

Wittman, discussing Randy Foye’s upcoming
re-examination of his injured left knee: "We’re hoping the next one is
the all clear, that he can begin practicing."
Doctors planned to observe Foye once again Monday to gauge how well the stress reaction in his kneecap has healed.
"Hopefully we’ll get him back sometime in January," Wittman said.
Wittman gathered his team on the bus outside its hotel on Sunday
afternoon intending to practice at the Clippers’ training facility, and
the bus never made it out of the parking lot after a speech and team
talk that Wittman termed "some soul-searching."
"We did some good things," he said, referring to the topics discussed, "so we’ll see."
Wittman then called off practice, and players had the rest of Sunday to
themselves. Monday’s shootaround was shorter than usual as well, partly
because of an early tip-off.
Mike Trudell/Timberwolves site talks to Michael Doleac about some of the player’s favorite things.
Trust me, I’m not stupid. I know the Wolves, as currently configured,
are not championship caliber. They are not even playoff caliber, but
this team should have more wins at this point then they do and I
believe most of the blame falls at the hands of the coach, not the
youth of the roster.
2008 will be no better for the Minnesota Timberwolves than 2007 with Randy Wittman as the coach.
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