Wolves Updates 1/10

Starting guard Marko Jaric said he is keeping the faith.
"I still actually believe," he said. "I may be crazy, but I believe we
can make a change and start winning and we change our attitude on this
team. Our attitude is day-to-day. Sometimes we feel good about
ourselves. Sometimes we feel bad. Everybody’s telling us, ‘You guys are
not very good,’ but I say, ‘You’ll see.’ "
Jon Krawczynski/AP Sports on Rashad McCants:
When he is in the starting lineup, McCants has to be the last one on
the court. Everyone waits for him as he prepares himself, then strolls
to the scorer’s table where he blows talcum powder on a lucky reporter,
much like Kevin Garnett did during his 12 seasons here. 
This will not come as a surprise to fans, coaches and former teammates
from the University of North Carolina, where McCants was a standout for
three years despite gaining the reputation as a moody prima donna.
His disposition is something that teammates and coaches have to take
into account every day as they try to bring out his considerable talent. 

Coach Randy Wittman said McCants hasn’t been a problem since he
took over in the middle of last season, but did acknowledge that “I
have to handle him a little bit differently than some other guys. But a
lot of players are that way. Once you learn who they are and how they
react to different situations, you learn to do things in a different
manner sometimes.”
That eight-game losing streak they just ended easily could have become
16 or 17 had they not beaten the Heat: Their next eight opponents all
have winning records.
Michael Doleac and Greg Buckner visited kids at the Ronald McDonald house in Minneapolis yesterday.
Rather than close the game with authority, the Wolves simply allowed
the Heat’s badness to manifest itself. This is why I have hope that
Randy Foye’s return, whenever it actually happens, can translate
directly into wins for the Wolves. Foye is (or has shown the potential
to be) just the kind of player who is skilled, shrewd and confident
enough to make plays with the game on the line. As the saying goes.
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