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Veteran Mike Miller didn’t accompany the team to New York and missed his second consecutive game after reinjuring his sprained ankle Saturday against Houston.
McHale said he “wouldn’t be surprised” if Miller was ready to play tonight against Orlando at Target Center but also said he didn’t expect Miller to play, either. McHale again started Ollie at point guard and Foye at shooting guard Friday.
Back in his hometown, playing in front of his parents, brothers and sisters on the day after Christmas, the Brooklyn native played a huge part in the Timberwolves’ 120-107 win over the New York Knicks on Friday night.

Not only did Telfair score 20 points and dish out eight assists in helping the Wolves snap a 13-game losing streak, he all but predicted as much before the game even started while answering a question about his relative lack of playing time this season.

“I’ve been here before,” he said. “I know how to swim my way back up to the top and I will, starting tonight.”

Telfair made good on his promise, hitting two big layups and four free throws in the final five minutes to stave off New York’s last-ditch comeback attempt.
Telfair signed a two-year, $4.8 million deal with Minnesota as a free agent last July, with a third-year player option. The Knicks had their sights set on Chris Duhon during free agency, but would have considered Telfair if the Duhon signing fell through.

As president Donnie Walsh scours other teams’ rosters looking to fill their roster spot through a trade exception or disabled injury exception with a short-term contract, Telfair could be a candidate. Even if he opts in for the third year, his salary would be less than $3 million for 2010-2011.


Despite being related, the two aren’t very close. Telfair, who, like Marbury, starred for Lincoln High School in Coney Island, said he didn’t expect to see Marbury while in New York. Telfair did not come early to New York to spend Christmas with his family. He saw his parents and brothers and sisters after the game.
“I stayed in Minnesota with my daughter and my son and my wife … That’s home,” he said. “Minnesota’s home.”
There has been speculation that New York could be home for him again. The Knicks still need a guard to fill the roster spot vacated by the retirement of Cuttino Mobley.
But the Knicks did not have a great deal of interest in Telfair when he was a free agent over the summer — Chris Duhon was their main target in a modest foray into free agency — and they are not believed to be interested in trading for him now.
The Post reports Marbury is still on a California vacation and won’t see his cousin tonight, but says Marbury plans to be in Minnesota for the Wolves’ Jan. 2 game against Golden State.
Unable to speak because of an unusual medical condition caused at birth, Xander — pronounced Zander — instead uses a Dynavox assistive communications device to speak with family, teachers and friends.
Xander has had the communication device for about four months and it has changed his life, said his mother Connie Fergen, who works as Davison County’s community health nurse. His father, Scott Fergen, works at Wild Oak Golf Club.

The $5,000 device was purchased with funds donated by the Mike Miller Foundation. Scott Fergen said his brother, Steve, who works as Miller’s personal assistant, told his boss about Xander’s plight and Miller offered to help.
The standard saying is that you cannot judge a draft until three years after its completion. However, with Mayo among the league leaders in scoring at 20 a game and Love being nothing more than an underwhelming reserve it appears that McHale once again blew one of his few good moves.

Mayo is headed for stardom, which has only been predicted since he was in seventh grade. Love is blending in rather than standing out due to his lack of athleticism and size, just as many predicted as well. Sure the Memphis Grizzlies are only five games better than the Minnesota Timberwolves in the win column right now, but in terms of who has the brighter future it isn’t even close.
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