Wolves Updates 1/9 Part 2

I’d like to see Corey Brewer learn how to use his speed better in straight lines. He often makes too many herky-jerky moves instead of just exploding and finishing over guys.
Timberwolves forward Antoine Walker reached over a group of reporters
and interrupted Riley’s pregame media session to shake hands with his
former coach. Riley stopped speaking briefly to accept the gesture.
It was a far different approach from the one Walker took before the
Dec. 17 meeting between the teams, when he criticized Riley for calling
him out on his conditioning before he was traded to Minnesota.
Mike Trudell/Timberwolves site on the return of Ricky Davis and Mark Blount to the Target Center. 
Trudell also recorded a podcast with color analyst Jim Petersen in which they discuss last night’s win and the team’s progress.
The T-wolves are sliding to third on our train-wreck list because their
brand of awful is sort of happening on purpose. By trading Kevin
Garnett to Boston, they willingly went to lousy from mediocre in one
damning phone call.
And Kevin McHale (the franchise’s talent genius) does have a plan —
build the T-wolves into a contender with good, young talent. With that
in mind, he acquired forward Al Jefferson — a double-double machine —
in the deal with Boston.
Unfortunately, the talent haul also included gifted forward Gerald
Green, inconsistent point guard Sebastian Telfair and reasonably
effective forward Ryan Gomes. "Unfortunate" is the crucial word thanks
to Green, whose considerable talent has been overwhelmed by his
inability (4.8 points per game on 35-percent shooting) to extract much
from it.
Jalen Rose/ESPN on "five most disappointing teams so far this season":
When they traded Kevin Garnett, there should be a reasonable hope that of the five guys who came back, more than one was going to be significantly productive. Al Jefferson’s a double-double waiting to happen, and has great days ahead. But the other ex-Celtics haven’t helped bring wins…
Postgame quotes from last night’s win over Miami.  
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