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Previews of today’s game against Chris Bosh (aka Blaine Harrington) and the Raptors:
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Now you know why I’m glad this latest Garnett frenzy of attention is
over. It brings out the grumpy old man in me. Because when it is all
said and done, I miss the athletic beauty, and the consistency of
effort and execution. I miss, with an ache and a surly passion that
will now hopefully go back under wraps, the opportunity to watch Kevin
Garnett display his multifaceted virtues on a near daily basis,
including live and up close at least 40 times per year.

Antoine Walker’s physique barely even resembles that of a basketball
player anymore.  It was clear last night that he is even more
horrendously out of shape that Pat Riley billed him to be, as he has
picked up significant weight over the years and spent his 14 minutes on
the court having immense trouble getting up and down the floor.
Finewein at Canis Hoopus on Randy Foye and Corey Brewer.  
His hustle and determination played a key role for
the Wolves on Friday night, as they pushed the NBA-leading Boston
Celtics to the edge, only to watch Leon Powe’s layup at the buzzer hand
Minnesota a crushing loss, 88-86.
Brewer was aggressive in all aspects of the game. He
got his fingers on passes and loose balls, hit some jumpers in the
first half and pestered Celtics all-star Paul Pierce on defense.

"It was probably one of the most complete games I
had all season," Brewer said after Saturday’s practice. "Both ends of
the floor, I played pretty well. In the second half I really didn’t
make shots. I feel like defensively I was helping the team. If I can be
active like that and get a lot of deflections, I can help the

Brewer wants it known: He doesn’t weigh 135 pounds.
"I’m 185," he said. "That [his weight and physical strength] is
overrated. Ask anybody I guard if it’s overrated or not. They don’t get
anything easy. I’m going to add weight, get stronger. That could help
you, but if you want to be a great defensive player, it’s all about
learning the game, knowing what guys like to do and playing as hard as
you can."
So in the wake of Wednesday’s startling Shaquille O’Neal-for-Shawn
Marion swap, let’s pose this: Was the Phoenix Suns’ decision to accept
the big guy’s aging legs and $20 million salary inspired not really by
the Lakers’ acquisition of Pau Gasol a few days earlier but by
Timberwolves forward Al Jefferson’s low-post presence?
"I don’t think that losing to a team that has won 10 games influenced them," Wolves boss Kevin McHale said. 
Rest assured, the Twins will show a lot more appreciation for what Hunter did for the club when he returns in an Angels uniform than the Timberwolves did when Kevin Garnett returned with the Celtics on Friday night. Garnett was introduced, got a fantastic standing ovation and the scoreboard read "Thanks for the memories." Wolves owner Glen Taylor didn’t think any more was necessary and that the club would honor KG when he retires. One other thing is for sure, the Wolves made a much better deal when they traded Garnett than the Twins did for Johan Santana.
Celtics coach Doc Rivers said Garnett has been better than he thought he would be for Boston, especially because Garnett has provided some great leadership. Rivers also is high on Wolves rookie forward Corey Brewer, whom the coach believes will be develop into a star.
Timberwolves scouts figure the first five picks in June’s NBA draft could be freshmen. 
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