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It’s always possible, but don’t expect any major moves before Thursday’s NBA trading deadline. A veteran such as Antoine Walker, who isn’t happy with his lack of playing time, might see an increase in his value as another
piece for a playoff contender, though his 36.6 percent shooting won’t
help his chances of leaving town.
"I think those might probably be the deals that
people look at here as we close in on the 21st, somebody that could
boost the bench or give you added shooting or added defense or whatever
it is you’re looking for," Wittman said.
Timberwolves Today with the latest installment of the Kissing Marney Gellner podcast. 

Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune on the recent big trades benefiting some Western Conference teams: 
The Wolves’ road back to respectability now appears even longer, a premise Wittman disputes.
"We’re not in position to win the world championship," Wittman said.
"When we get to that point, which we will as we continue to build this
thing, their runs will be over. Jason’s 35, Shaq’s 36. In two or three
years, they could be gone and now they have to start over. Maybe we’ll
be put in a position to benefit by this."
Kevin Garnett didn’t even make time to greet Timberwolves owner Glen
Taylor, who paid him more than $150 million during his career in
Minnesota, when the Boston Celtics recently visited Target Center.

With the NBA trade deadline Thursday, the Timberwolves say they have no deals pending, but if one is made, it would be minor. 

Mike Freeman/CBSSports on steroids in the NBA: 
"Honestly I don’t think steroid use happens in basketball at all or not too much," said Minnesota’s Gerald Green. "You’d get hurt too much because we play so many games."
Green has another reason for
thinking steroid use is practically nonexistent in basketball.
"Steroids make you too big," he said. "You need to be fluid to play
basketball. You’d be too slow if you used steroids in the NBA."
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