Wolves Updates 2/18

Mark Murphy/Boston Herald on Gerald Green’s "Birthday Cake" dunk:
Had Green closed with that dunk instead of opening with it, perhaps the
international audience (which for the first time voted for the winner
via text messaging) might have gone the other way.
“No, I wanted to do it first and get it over with,” said Green, whose
inventiveness in winning last year’s dunk title appears to have sparked
a whole new wave of creativity in what some consider to be an aging
It’s official: Dwight Howard’s nickname is "Superman." People can’t stop screaming it from the upper bowl. I hope this means we can start calling Gerald Green "Cupcake." 
Free Darko with a roundtable discussion on Green’s dunks from last night’s competition.
Mike McGraw/Daily Herald names Al Jefferson the runner-up to Travis Outlaw for the midseason most improved player award.
Former Florida forward Corey Brewer, donned in a bright green sweater,
arrived at halftime and watched the second half of Saturday’s game.
Brewer, his mother Glenda, and half-brother Jason Rogan sat behind the Florida bench underneath the basket.
A reporter asked Brewer what has been the biggest adjustment in transitioning to the pros.
"Learning to lose," Brewer said. "I’m not used to losing."
Fred Hoiberg felt the magic as well, joining nearly 50 other former Cyclones in a Centennial Celebration alumni game that brought together Iowa State players from the 1930s to those who called it a career as recently as a year ago.

“That was great, a lot of fun,” said Hoiberg, an Ames High School product who completed his all-American career in 1995.
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